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Time lag in message box?


I have been chatting and/or answering questions, and saw that when people end a conversation in my inbox, the time says “last seen 20 minutes ago”. I don’t know how to explain this as it’s an ongoing conversation. Within one second of the end of a conversation it says last seen 20 minutes ago. And then if it ended five minutes ago, it say last seen 25 minutes ago.


I think I saw someone else say this was happening to them recently but I don’t remember who posted it. It hasn’t happened to me but I rarely have real-time conversations.


This happens with me as well. Buyer is shown online while we’re chatting and the next second it says “last seen 50 minutes ago” and I’m like Is this for real :grin:


Yes Also happens to me. :frowning:


Same thing is happening to me. Quite annoying.


Happens to me all the time misscrystal… all the time…
But its not fixed 20min in my case, it is random… =RND