Time limits for customers?


How do you handle customers who come back after a month (or longer) and say, "there’s a problem with my order and I need you to fix it right now."

I kind of feel like that’s their too bad. That request a modification button is there for a reason. Use it if you need it. But if you haven’t gotten in touch with me after a week, reorder and get in my queue again, buddy.

I can’t offer a lifetime guarantee on orders.



Actually I had no problem with what your buyer said, until "…fix it right now."

If there is something I can tweak or make right, I am certainly willing to look at it, but if you need it right now, just press that big green “order now” button! :wink:


Thank you VOW, that is the truth.

A little courtesy please.


I’ll fix it. And I’ll be nice about it. I’m just feeling a little overworked at the moment.


I had someone come back to me after a YEAR! Crazy. That’s the worst when someone comes back from so long ago and it’s usually something silly like “this won’t download” blah blah blah


Reply to @alliemadison12: LOL


Wow, haha - I’ve never had a customer like this. The only ones that do do this, they order another gig. If it’s an easy fix, then I guess I’d do it no problem - although if it’s pretty big, then you would hope the customer has the courtesy to order another gig?

Maybe say something like “Hi there! Sure I can do this, although I’m going to have to get another order for this - as it’s a pretty big modification.”


Something like this has only happened to me once, and it technically wasn’t regarding a fix. I had edited a book for a previous customer, and she contacted me months later saying that she had rewritten parts of the book and wanted me to re-edit and proofread the entire thing. She claimed that since I had already worked on her text, the job shouldn’t take me as long and that she shouldn’t have to order because she considered it to be a continuation of the previous job. Ummmm, no. Are you even serious?

Although I think that buyers should always carefully review their delivery within the 3-day period before the order is complete (otherwise, the problem is partially their fault for not even bothering to look at the delivery), I would comply if a buyer wants something fixed and maybe legitimately didn’t realize that the issue was even there until after the order was complete. But if they insisted that it needed to be done right now, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them that “right now” means they’ll have to place an order.

While I think that there are many cases where a quick fix (within reason) would be no big deal, there are also probably cases where the buyer is simply trying to take advantage and weasel free services out of a seller, and those are the ones that make sellers so frustrated with Fiverr.


Reply to @nickih: I wish I had the guts of some buyers. Seriously. It must be great to have such a clear conscience after spouting such arrogance. An un-agreed to continuation. Nice!


Reply to @cheezees: Exactly. Quick fixes or alterations within reason are no issue, but I just don’t get what goes on in people’s heads sometimes. I deem that person the mayor of Crazytown.