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Time management - burn out


Does anyone experience burn-out doing freelance work plus a regular day job plus family?
When I first started with fiverr I was very excited and got a bunch of orders. However, as I got more orders including some very complex ones I found it difficult to manage my time. Fiverr was taking priority over spending quality time with my family, I’d even wake up in the middle of the night worried that I might miss a delivery deadline.

Lately, when a potential customer contacts me about some work, I’ve been giving very exaggerated time frames (7 - 10 days) whereas in the past I would have said 1 or 2 days for the same work. I feel like I need to find some balance and haven’t quite got it right. Half the time the customers are ok with the long delivery time frames and others probably go to my competition.

I also completely understand that my problems are first-world problems and there are people on fiverr that have much bigger things to worry about than not being able sit down on a couch and watch a movie or play a game with their family.

Has anyone been in a similar situation juggling 9-5 work 5 days a week + fiverr + family + recreation?
What strategies do you use to balance these things? I’m considering just keeping long delivery time frames and accept that I’ll have potential customers go elsewhere.



Yes burnout is a reality. Try to introduce a scheduling system, and operate your Fiverr business as you would a real life business.

Have time slot for recreation and family as well as a time slot for work.

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I have a full time job with a lot of down time so I’m able to get most of my writing done at work. Before work I usually give myself and hour to record what I need to. If I get an order on my days off which are Friday and Saturday. I won’t even start it until Sunday afternoon. I have my gig set as 7 day delivery so it works out.

However sometimes my creative juices need re-energizing so I take a week to myself only working on projects for long term returning buyers who don’t place an order until I give them the go ahead.


I hear you! I have similar circumstances around me.

Although I’m a reasonably successful seller, I deliberately keep my Fiverr work part-time. I manage this by offering a 3 day turnaround on my basic gig (on average one gig takes me 20 minutes to complete), if someone wants a larger order I will offer them a 4, 5 or 6 day turnaround, I never discount, and if anyone shows the slightest bit of disrespect during an initial conversation, then I choose not to work with them. I never break my own little set of rules.

I know from experience that most of my clients order 2, 3 or 4 gigs to cover their work. I can complete this over a couple of cups of coffee after breakfast. But of course there are days when life happens. That’s fine, I have the next day to work on the order…

Put simply I rarely choose to accept large orders, I give myself plenty of time to complete all orders (often with two days to spare), and I don’t work with disrespectful people. If a buyer chooses to accept my way of doing things, great! If not, I have no desire to work with them.

I retain control which means little stress. My way of working Fiverr is never going to make me rich, but the additional income is very useful.



I am starting to have the same problem. Now I am strict about my working hours and my family hours. No working over the weekend or in the evenings. Also consider increasing your prices a little. I you are overloaded perhaps your prices are too affordable.

Good luck

Teacher Nita


Thanks for the advice. Like you, I have no plans of trying to get rich from Fiverr, nor do I depend on Fiverr to put food on the table. I’ll just take jobs at a pace I’m comfortable with. Thanks for sharing your perspective

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I appreciate the advice. Thank you