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Time needed to get in search list after edit

So far I’ve learned through study is: editing gig causes the GIG to be disappeared in search list due to fiveer review…This thing happened with me.I’ve one 5* review.I wanna know the reviewing period after editing…After which my gig will be in search list.
Thank U.


I’m not positive, but I think there have been reports of anywhere from 2 to 10 days. Average about a week.


I have never disappeared from search after editing, but I don’t have video, just image.

Editing your gig video is what makes Fiverr to review your gig(s) before showing up again in search.


thank u so much…

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Maybe because of this thread?
(Also, duplicate threads are against the forum rules.)

I’ve tried to know that if it is out of search then why is the values are increasing?..I’ve seen in some post that owner click on gigs are not counted as an increase…Isn’t it showing a way to ignore that?
Thank u.