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Time of Gig pending approval after modification

Two days ago I was contacted by fiverr to modify my gig title, description and packages due to use of incorrect grammar. I changed the title and accidentally pressed save due to which it went under pending approval.
Its has been 48 hours or more and it is still in pending approval. How long it will take more ? Because my work has started to affect.
Also I couldn’t edit description and packages because I accidentally pressed save. Will there be another chance for me to edit because I don’t want my gig deleted.


I think you should contact in support

Keep in mind, this is also Easter weekend. I wouldn’t be surprised of some approvals get pushed back a bit because people are off for the holiday. Be patient. They will be reviewed when they are reviewed. If it still takes a few more days, then send Customer Support a message, and ask them for assistance.


The same situation happened to me a few hours ago (I know this thread is a year old now but I just happened to experience the same thing, wish I could get answers too)

They wouldn’t let me switch to the tab that needed the modification (Description and FAQs), so when I pressed SAVE, it ended the modification and didn’t proceed to letting me edit the next tabs, then they sent my Gig to Pending Approval which I expect to ask me to modify it again since I haven’t edited the one they asked me to modify.

I wish this long waiting times in terms of support will come to an end, it affects my work so much that it bothers me every day that’s passing only because of a tiny modification necessary to continue working.

So did this problem resolve because I’m new and literally just got these gigs together. I introduced myself, did the discobot ordeal and started reaching out. The third guy I spoke to notice a Typo in my description which I fixed but I’ve been waiting like 3 days since for the approval to go through.