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Time off causes loss of Income


A while back I had to take some time off and suspended my gigs (before the vacation status). I’m a level two and was doing about 30 gigs a week but now it seems like fiverr has dropped me from the seller boards. I have to do a search to find my gig when before I was always on the first or second page. Any advice?


I’m having this same exact problem. I just got off a week break due to being extremely sick. Now I’m getting 0 sales this week so far when I was getting a swarm of requests each week. It’s as if I’m stuck with 0 orders now and I’m afraid it’s going to always be this way unless I re-create the gig. I don’t want to have to do this.


I just looked for my writing gig which used to be on the 2nd or 3rd page and it is nowhere to be found. I have to do a keyword search to find any of my gigs. This is a part-time thing for me so I took the time off because I was burnt. I guess I’ll start over…


If you suspend for more than a day or so at a time (no one seems to be exactly sure, some report going for 2-3 days just fine, others report losing their position in less than 24 hrs), you risk losing your spot.

As far as I know, you’re simply out of luck and do indeed have to start the climb again.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


And, this is the reason I will never use the vacation feature. I am taking a vacation starting Friday - it’s long over due and I can’t wait for it! However, I just upped my delivery time frame to the maximum and leaving it open. I have let current and prospective clients know that I am going on vacation. I don’t want to lose my standing within the rankings so doing it this way is best… for me! On top of that, I have many repeat clients who - even though I am going out of town - are going to send me work while I am gone.

Suspended all the other gigs since they don’t do near as well and left the most profitable one open and upped the timeframe. When I get back, I can alter it again to a lower timeframe. It works out in my favor.

It sucks that you do what’s best for you and lose your standing… isn’t right…


Reply to @emeraldawnn:

This is excellent advice I think.

Adjust all your timers to max, but leave everything open.


If you do decide to use vacation mode, make sure it triggers properly. During the early days it did not function all of the time leading to many orders coming in despite that banner at the top saying ‘you are in vacation mode’ :slight_smile:


I have heard of this happening to others. In the event that you need a break I would suggest extending your delivery time and removing 24 express features.


thanks for your replies. I understand now what happened I am just very disappointed that there is no warning about the consequences of taking time off. Fortunately my business on 2 other boards is still humming along…


I made $1500 my first month. Now that account gets 0 orders. I went on a 3 month vacation. Now I have to start alll over :frowning: So I hear you, I really do.


Keep in mind folks, it’s not necessarily anything to do with “vacation mode”…plenty of times gigs ‘disappear’ or shift around, and there’s no guarantee any particular gigs will be displayed anywhere other than on a users profile page.

If it does have to do with vacation mode, sorry to say, it’s only fair to lose your place. If you ran a bakery and closed the shop for two weeks no-one’s going to send people to your door knowing you’re not there - it just leads to frustration for the buyer. And when you re-open quite a few customers will have found a different bakery. That’s just how it works in business.


Why fiverr don’t show the causes or giving any warning before do this type of activities.


I was unfairly negged by a customer over two weeks ago. At the time, my best-selling gig was at the top of the search results. When I got the negative, I went down to row 5 almost immediately. Feedback was removed by CS within 48 hours of the incident, but I’m still at row 4.

The whole search engine ranking is frustrating, to say the least!