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Time Schedule delivery time

I am preparing the necessary information to become certified as a Fiverr-Pro seller with Fiverr. However, I have an important question:

I write business plans. I want to schedule a time of 7 days per assignment. The problem I see is this: if someone gives me an order, they receive a questionnaire that must be completed correctly and completely before I can start.

However, if I have 7 days for the assignment and it takes longer than a week for the client to complete the questionnaire, I will not be able to complete the assignment within the promised delivery time.

How does Fiverr deal with this?


Deadline timer doesn’t start until you receive buyer requirements?

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@drn_design: Hi. Thank you for your reply. How do you mean? Is this a question or and confirmation?

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The order doesn’t start until the buyer has answered all mandatory questions in the order requirements section (there’s no way to check whether it’s been filled in/answered correctly, eg. they could enter rubbish in the text fields).

If your questionnaire isn’t part of the order requirements section (ie. if it’s something you post later on the order page) then it won’t stop the clock for that.

You’d have to request a delivery time extension.

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