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Time serves no buyer

This is a complete rant although I’m sure that others have experienced this in their own gigs. Voice work went a bit quiet and with my actual writing work taking off I decided to turn work into a gig here.

Why oh why do people not realize the amount of ACTUAL TIME that we put into creating the product the buyer wants delivered? Do they assume we have some magical wand we wave and instantly the project is completed?

The last two days alone I’ve had messages from buyers (often well rated) asking if I’d do a specific project for them. Funnily enough a couple even requested work I do for a living. I replied absolutely and enquired about the estimated word count and their timescale.
Without fail people wanting to order work for approximately 5,000 to 10,000 words to be completed in 3 days. Their budget $5!

When I responded to say that “unfortunately this is considerably below what I would typically charge for a project this size and this timescale. I’m sorry that I can’t help you but hopefully you find someone better suited to your circumstances”

The response is typically short and shirty. Why do buyers think that they are the ones doing us sellers a favour? It’s crazy how some people expect us to work for 5-10 hours or more for $5 or aren’t realistic about their expectations.


Probably because there are sellers here who will work for pennies on the dollar. It creates a buyer who thinks everyone should think $5 is some sort of great offer for hours of work. Nope!



Yes it is downright sad to see how so many freelancers exploit themselves.