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Time Spend in Fiverr Community Forum

Time Spending in Fiverr Community Forum there have any Effect for Fiverr Account or get Order and Impression For GIG.


This “active” on the forum thing is a Fiverr myth. New sellers are spreading this misinformation all over the forum.


Fiverr forum is the place of discussion. How do you think. If you give time to the Fiverr forum, your impression, click and order will come. If you have something to learn, You can learn a lot from the Fiverr forum.


Forum activity (or inactivity) is irrelevant in regards to gig performance. There are top rated sellers who don’t even have a forum account.

People are active on the forum for a multitude of different reasons; whether for scintillating conversation, sparkling repartee, helpful insight, or to just plain annoy everyone else by perpetuating horrible advice or asking the same redundant five questions over and over.


Take a look that this poll! It shows how many people have actually received more orders (not very many) from being on the Forum! I don’t think that being on the Forum can increase your sales.


The forum is a separate entity from the Fiverr website. Sure, it’s the same domain, but this is just for chatting only. You can stay here the whole day, that’s just a waste of time. Try to actively improve your gig, create new ones, experiment and see what works. Avoid cancellations, talk with everyone respectfully and stop trying to find ways to get sales easy. Staying online 24/7, sending messages to random people without getting asked, begging other sellers for orders, all these things won’t help you, if anything they will bring in a ban in the long run.


If you are more active in the Fiverr forum, your gig’s impressions, views, clicks will increase. This can come in your gig rankings. And it will increase the chances of getting your order.

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Actually Every Sellers Should follow the rules So that gig rank very easily

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The forum and your Fiverr account are entirely separate!

Posting on the forum will not help your Fiverr account!

Take time to read the previous posts and don’t spread misinformation.


Fiverr Forum is the place for new comers to know many information about fiverr.