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Time to answer is useless

I think its not helping to list the average time to answer as a criteria. I send a description of what I want to have and got a fast answer consisting of “Hi”.
I asked somebody else more than a week ago. He aswered within hours: Thanks for contacting, Let me have a look, but since a week now further answer. I could accept “I am not interested” or “I will need a week to come back to you” but I don’t like this.


In general it’s probably useful because most sellers probably say something other than only “hi” as a reply. You could ignore that stats but others probably think it helps. At least it lets you know on average about how long a reply might take, just not the quality of the reply/whether it will fully answer your questions.

Fiverr used to sometimes ask “is this message helpful? yes/no” after a seller’s reply (maybe they used that to help with ranking) but I don’t think they use that now, but maybe that would help.

Maybe you could suggest they add another stat or change the existing one - eg. to ignore seller replies that only say “Hi” but it would probably need to be more complex than it is now.