Time to Change Gears


I am a Designer and Pro in Photoshop and Illustrator and InDesign and working for more than 10 years… Since I have opened my doors, I have been lucky enough to sell my skills here on fiverr, I am planning to enhance my skills towards Web Development now… What courses would you guys recommend, keeping in view of my already skills, I am not fond of coding, but I can code…

Your suggestion or kind words will be appreciated…


Developer with outstanding designing skill are Deadly good. For now, you can practice more HTML & CSS. After that, you can start learning responsive CSS (Media query) . Then you can learn some basic PHP. After that, you can start learning WordPress. WP gigs are in the top on Fiverr.


And some basic JavaScript, since pretty much everything needs at least a bit of JS code to make things more interactive and engaging on the client side :eyes: