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Time to get a new order!


Hello guys! I’m Sandra, a graphic designer, and I just started here on fiverr.
I would love to know, how long it takes you to get your first order and did the orders comes after it or not!
Thank you


Hi Sandra! Welcome!
I started about 30 days ago, so I can let you know what it’s been like for me.

First, using this forum for information will be a lifesaver. Second, make sure you are fine tuning everything (profile, gigs, etc) right away.

I received my first order the same day as I posted my first gig, and total for week 1 was 7 sales. My second week I received 11 sales, third 7 sales, fourth (this current week) 9 sales.

What this doesn’t show is how many sales are from buyer request leads versus organic clicks from non-buyer requests. The 1st week was about 90% buyer requests and that number has gone down each week. This week’s sales of 9 have 0% from buyer requests.

I found that searching the forum with my questions brought up a lot of results. I would recommend that over creating a new thread that may have 100 others just like it. Fine tune your gigs/ profile and hammer those buyer requests. I read on the forum before that Fiverr sales are like a snowball rolling down a hill… starts slow, but get’s bigger quick.


@loganstover Thank you for your reply!
For the buyer request, is there any tips you can help me with?
Thank’s in advance


There are lot’s of tips on buyer requests. I recommend searching for ‘buyer request tips’ in the forum. **I am a newb and don’t know how to add links to posts yet :neutral_face:

What worked for me… 1. Do not use a generic copy/paste message for everyone. 2. Reference the actual ad they listed (Ex. If they mention IVR recordings, mention that in your response) 3. Don’t worry about mentioning how great you are (a lot of buyers don’t care).

So… talk about their ad while letting them know that you can get their project done well and quickly, while directing them to your gig to see your work.


Great advice especially for someone relatively new. Good job contributing and figuring out the landscape.


I really appreciate that, Mike. You are the gold standard for us VO actors. Trying my best.


I’d like to chime in on your compliment to Mike. I have seen Mikes gigs and I would have to agree that he excels at what he does. Logan, you definitely gave exceptional advice to the Sandra and hopefully she uses your advice to aid her in selling her services.


I told you only one sentence.
Just Write killer buyer request.
I wish ASAP you vit your 1st order.
Thank you
good luck


Thanks very much. :grinning::sunglasses::heart_eyes: