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Hi All

As this is in the ranting section, I thought I’d have a wee bit of a rant before I go :-))

I’ve sold on Fiverr for a while - I’ve made some funds, but they’re wholly disproportionate to the amount of effort put in.

Sellers that produce ‘virtual’ items have none (or little) of the issues of those that produce ‘real world’ goods with the requirement to physically ship.

In this respect, these sellers have to upfront the costs of machine time, materials, packaging, shipping and time (naturally :slight_smile: - and then wait 2 weeks to be paid - less paypal and fiverr charges of course.

Fiverr takes 20% of not only the gig but also 20% of the shipping ! - this leaves nowhere for the seller to claw back some minimal profit - essentially Fiverr are making the seller’s shipping a cost centre. If the seller were to increase the shipping to compensate (and give Fiverr even more money :), buyers would simply refrain from ordering (most of my gigs are outwith the UK).

There are a number of things where Fiverr could have helped, but requests have fallen on deaf ears. I’ll name one of the major ones - the fact that they don’t pass through the confirmed paypal shipping address means a LOT of extra work - and at times, even though the customer is requested/forced(?) to pass their shipping details through, they don’t always - which causes delays and can cause your gig to be late - it’s ALWAYS your fault too if you’ll notice - and ALWAYS geared toward the customer. This has happened countless times to me and is a real pita - especially having items returned from abroad because of an incorrect address supplied - and then having the buyer moaning at you because of their error !!! Simply allowing the paypal address to be passed through would be so simple - and also having the benefit of producing/paying for a shipping label - 21st century luxury =;0)

Each of the gigs has to be photographed - why ??? - even though I have semi-automated the process, it takes forever sometimes to upload data - and I have a really fast fibre link (Fiverr’s servers are particularly slow - especially when it comes to requesting your funds to be paid :slight_smile:

All this requires an unreasonable amount of time - here in the UK, the national minimum wage set by law is 6.50 GBP for over 21’s (around 10.12 USD) - the living wage is set around 9.15 GBP (14.25 USD). It’s illegal to pay anyone less than this - Fiverr gives less than HALF of this if your gig takes an hour all in (which it can easily do on some complex jobs).

So, I’ve finally come to my senses and stopped all this nonsense on Fiverr - even fleabay only takes 10% :slight_smile:

I do wish all the folks and customers I’ve met here on Fiverr the very best of luck for the future - maybe someday Fiverr will give sellers a real Fiver (5.00 GBP :-)) and make it worthwhile selling here :-))

Finally, on a fun note, I’ll leave you with a common buyer’s question regarding shipping - ‘Does my five dollars also include international tracking and shipping?’ - LOL

Best regards


Thanks everyone for all the kind regards (some offline - thanks).

I seem to be making a really decent sideline using fleabay instead - really just for engineering/hobby stuff now rather than the arty-farty stuff (which I can still do if needed).

@emasonwrites, yes, I agree, etsy would be better, but it still takes 20%. Regarding reducing the amount of work, that’s really impossible - the only way would be to say no to those jobs.

@madmoo - Ang, you can always get me offline for jobs if you need :-))

Best regards


I never had a chance to order your gig - it looks wonderful. You don’t need Fiverr. You should start your own website - you could easily build one on Weebly or Wix and advertise your product on social media. Good luck to you!

Good luck. It looks like hard goods would be difficult to sell on Fiverr.

I have been reading this forum with great interest the last few weeks and it’s very obvious to me you are not alone in your thinking, loads of sellers clearly are upset and feel ignored and for me it’s needs addressing. I would agree get your own website, then at least you have choices and can add the Fiverr links.

Fiverr is tough, definitely, especially for physical goods. That’s kind of what Etsy is for. But if you feel the amount of work you’re offering isn’t worth what you’re actually being paid (after Fiverr’s cut and withdrawal fees), you’re probably offering too much work for too little money.

I know that the OP is leaving, but this is for any other future readers: if you feel you’re not being paid what your services are worth here on Fiverr, you can reduce the amount of work you do for $5 (and its multiples). It’s pointless to complain about doing too much work for too little money when you decide how much work you do and what you’re paid for it. If there’s no way to make selling on Fiverr worth your time, it’s probably not the platform for your goods/services.