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Time to leave fiverr NOW

Today i have bad experience form fiverr seller…

he gave me this drawing and design a logo like this… so i create set of design and show him to choose one design or if needs any modify tell me… buyer not responese till order complete and the he leave bad review for me…

fiverr team also get the buyer side… we cannot imaging what buyers needs… they needs to talk with us… FIVERR TEAM YOU MUST KNOW IT


Wow you gave him some good choices there if he provided the sketch above.
Not sure why you would leave Fiverr because of this. I see you replied to the feedback but you could have worded it differently to make it sound a bit more professional.

For example: “I am sorry you were not happy with the design. I followed your sketch and provided various designs for you to chose from. Your order came with 5 revisions. It’s unfortunate you didn’t contact me for any revisions. Instead you chose to leave this review”

With this future buyers will have the opportunity to see what went wrong :wink:


Your buyer’s sketch has “paws” though, not “paw”, maybe you can offer to correct that if that’s the issue.


Hye Don’t leave talk to costumer support.
and if not Started a new Journey I am also Start new Journey because my account was Disabled Don’t worry it is not a Huge Problem.


thank you… I Appreciate your reply for this problem annnai80

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i contact customer support but they can do any thing about this problem//

yes youre right… it just a one feedback…

but he has 5 revisions and i deliver my work before the deadline…

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The issue is not you delivering the work before the deadline… @annai80 gave you an idea how to handle the issue better and @miiila also pointed out the “Paws” and “paw” discrepancy…


His reaction is

“I can not use the logo I paid for all I can do is take the logo he made and give the business to someone else”

what makes @miiila 's reasoning very likely. It was also the first thing what caught my eye.

You see, we don’t know the entire story. It is easy to just jump on the bandwagon and start giving tips, but it’s better to do a little background check.


If it was my order, I would have contacted you to ask you to correct that mistake, but not all people are alike.


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For what it’s worth, I think your logos are great, and I’d be pleased if I received those back…


@qxcreation, please hide name and picture of the buyer.

Not the best communication style in my opinion. As others, I see discrepancies between concept and design.


these are not only logos i’d created for him

im sad about i done these all work for $5 and i’d got new seller badge for next 60 days :frowning:


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It’s unfortunate the buyer didn’t use the available revisions before he left the review and I understand how a less than 5 star review can affect sellers… Charge this to experience I guess?

Personally I think you did give him great designs to choose from, btw. I’d accept it and request revisions for the discrepancies…


the question is why the buyer didn’t use the available revisions ?

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it could be a random mad buyer haunted us, the sellers :eyes:

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You think so? :ghost: But who knows, many things are possible here.


That’s insane! You shouldn’t do that in the first place.
Up your game in response style and prices and go on.