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Time to Trust New Sellers!

Hi im a seller on fiverr and i want to know, how buyer find sellers.

Honestly in new on fiverr and i want to earn. But i think that buyers never gave chances on new sellers. Why? New sellers have more time and effort on what you order. So please try me, A new seller on fiverr.


Actually, most buyers try to find the most senior persons I guess… Only few just try new ones like us :slight_smile:

As a buyer I do filter for experienced sellers with great ratings. I do know that new sellers may be as qualified and need to break in. I purposely sought out a new seller to do a simple gig for me - with horrendous results. Never contacted me until the gig was minutes due, and marked the gig delivered with the words, “will be delivered in 24 hours”. That next day passed and nothing. All you new sellers out there, you need to double up your efforts to stand out from the pack. Because this guy, and others like him are not making it easy for you.

If you are a new seller and you really do want to succeed in fiverr, follow these steps and it will help you.

  1. Do excellent work.
  2. Do more than what you are paid to do.
    a. If you do more than you are paid to do, your reviews will be more enthusiastic.
  3. Charge less (include more product or service than your competitors).
  4. Make sure your keywords are accurate and that customers query your type of work with the keywords you use (hint: I was able to find keywords that worked well in which my competitors weren’t using. This helped me to rank up substantially as a seller in the beginning).
  5. Keep your prices low until you are getting more work than you can handle.
  6. Make sure you are qualified to do the work you asking for.

Every experienced seller was once a new seller. 16 months back I also started with 0 orders and now more than 2000 orders completed. Do everything @isolem suggested you to do.

Give great support to your buyers. Give super fast replies and you will be successful one day! One more thing, make sure you have attractive image/video on your gig and a detailed description. I can see that you started this month only, don’t lose hope yet. I got very few orders when I started.

Buyers will slowly come to you and after few months you will be also in the list of experienced sellers and will be answering similar question just like I did :slight_smile:

I recommend you add gigs showing different styles. Show everything that you can do. I had a quick look and they all seem to be the same style. That is my opinion. I hope you do well. The images on your gigs look good but you need more variety. Buyers will look at several images to see what is available and even to get ideas.

I personally think that new sellers are more willing to work and new projects, I’ve used level 0 sellers with great results!

You might want to add a different image to your gig. I personally don’t find the current ones very appealing. I personally ordered a vector from “azumaken” because his gig image stood out to me. Sorry I don’t mind to offend anyone, it’s just my opinion. Play with other images and see if it makes a difference for you in sales ;). Best of luck!

^ Desparation repells buyers. Show confidence in your skills. You’ll get buyers.
Also respond in Buyer’s request section.

I was a new seller two months ago…I’ve been fortunate to get a few sales and am building my feedback(Level 1 now yay!!!) I could understand people staying away from new sellers but if we don’t give them a chance how are they going to prove their skills?

Your prices are too high. Your “best seller” which has no orders, charges $10 for 1-day delivery, $5 for a license for commercial use (really? All my clients use my work for commercial uses, and I don’t charge them for that), $20 for a source file, etc, etc, etc.

This is why you’re not getting orders. Also, why should I pay you an extra $5 to do a whole body?

Remember, first you get the rep, then you raise your prices.

“Feel free to contact me first.”

Why? Are you here to chat or are you here to make money? If I need a cartoon, I’m not contacting you, God knows when you’ll get back to me, I’ll just place an order.

Could someone give me some tips? I just started yesterday.

@rengraphix I think you need to merge all of your gigs into one. They all seem the same to me. Other than that, I can see some improvements within your gig.

It says you had a recent delivery 4 days ago. Have you mentioned to the buyer to leave a review?

very good saying mr fastcopywriter .fantastic i like so much.

I got my first few buyers because my gig looked different: at the time my best selling gig had a 1950s-style cover that, while far worse than the work I do now, stood out because it was different than the other gigs around it. I had numerous buyers request that specific style.

To make that into a useable piece of advice, I’d say find a niche. Spend some time looking at what there is already and think of something else a buyer might want that’s underrepresented. There are already a ton of illustration gigs, but fewer for, for example, back to school portraits or avatars for a specific website.

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also I am a new seller also and find it hard to get buyers as I agree to you and feel new seller should get a look in but On the other hand I don’t blame the buyers wanting the higher rated sellers but I do feel How do you know till you try so please Buyers if your needing any form of twitter experience then please try me .

I will be adding more gigs soon only got the one for now to see how it takes off . Am a dedicated seller and will give success on all your work .

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Totally agree! Start offering gigs at bargain prices and start collecting feedback first before considering raising your prices!

Reply to @e_sbrain05: You need to have a much broader description. Look at other gigs in your category and see how they have worded theirs. Don’t copy it, but you should get an idea of what to write.

Also, I would suggest including more images which have been retouched. For example, turning a bad photo into a really good one instead of just including an eye.

When you do get your first order you need to do it to the best of your ability. Your first order (in my opinion) is probably the most important. You will want that buyer to feel that he/she is getting a 5 star (or more!) product.

Good luck!