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Time to update prices?

Hi, everyone.

So I wonder how often should I update the prices of my gig, I did so once a year ago and it turned out well, maybe I’ve reached a sweet spot where if I go higher my sales will decrease. But then again, my gig has been doing better and better over time so I think of the possibilities of updating my fees in the hopes of more revenue.

Hope that all made sense! How often do you update your prices and by how much? Is it worth it?




Your services are unique and prices aren’t very low, you shouldn’t raise them. Because there are tons of $5 gigs in your niches, but I think you should raise some of your gigs’ (especially illustration services) prices.

Best Regards

Thank you for your reply. I’m aware there’s tons of $5 illustrators, I was once one myself and some of them are true masters of their craft, but I like thinking my graphics are so awesome people pick me out even if they pay just a little more, because they see the value in quality. Then again I’m way under the pricerange of way more talented illustrators who were truly born to do art. You know what I’m talking about. I’m more of a graphic designer.

Anywho, I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to update fees every year and a half or so, haven’t done it though, but absolutely no product or service I’m aware of becomes cheaper over time.

I do wonder if anyone else would like to have an opinion on this subject, I encourage you.

I never update if after starting packages with my gig, although its necessary for sometimes to modify gigs

This might help