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Time waster


So for the very first time I got mad at a potential customer. He wanted me to translate something for him and started negotiating the price. We finally agreed on the price. Then he sends me the document in an unacceptable format. My Gig clearly states that I only accept word documents. So he converts it but wants to pay less now. Then he asks me to translate 3 sentences first before he orders the Gig so he can see the quality of my work. I did that for him and he comes back to me and calls me a “time waster” because there are grammatical mistakes in my translation.

BOAH! So obviously… for whatever reason when he opened the word document that I had sent him back with my sample translation there weren’t spaces between some of the words and was just a big looooong sequence of letters. I know for a fact that I put spaces between the words. I mean I am not stupid and know that there need to be spaces between single words. Wow… I am feeling extremely offended right now especially since I really provide high quality service and then he calls me a time waster? Really? As far as I am concerned he has wasted my time and questioned the quality of my work. I told him he needs to go find another translator that he has more faith him. I am so angry right now. :frowning:


I hope you feel a little better now that you ranted!



Put your rage here and forget about that buyer…

We feel for you :slight_smile:


I’ve had people request all manner of things, just learn to say no (politely).

As for translating three sentences for free, it’s up to you but I personally would not do this and just say something along the lines of "Unfortunately I am unable to provide free samples of my work due to the low cost nature of the service I provide here. However, you can be assured of the quality of my work by referring to my feedback."

Just go and have some chocolate or something, disregard the stupid people of this world and concentrate on the good ones :slight_smile:

ps: there’s someone calling out another translator on this forum (they shouldn’t be of course) so perhaps that is your lovely buyer. meanwhile, there’s another buyer still yabbering on about how hurt he is that a $4 logo wasn’t what he wanted. no matter how many sellers try to make him see sense, he’s still going on about it. you just can not help some people.


Already feeling better. Thanks for listening.

Yeah great idea alysmcdonough about the free sample.

Well if my buyer is ranting about me here then that’s just plain weird. He said his time is precious, so why bother and post here? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all good! :slight_smile:


Hm in my freelancer beginners manual it says

Step 1 → Put a strong hook in the sealing next to your computer.

Step 2 → Hang a heavy boxing bag

Step 3 → Make sure you can reach the bag without standing up

→ You’re all set for freelancing!