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Time wasters are killing me

To be honest I’m sick of the arrogance of the 3 time wasters who have lead me on about simple jobs for them. I’m trying my hardest to make ends meet while fighting cancer and these sociopaths are just adding to mystress. Something needs to be done on Fiverr to discourage this pointless unp
rofessional trolling.


I understand. It’s an occupational hazard.

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You have important things to care about, caring about time wasters and annoying people shouldn’t be really an issue.

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You’re right but its been 3 in a row that have been this rude an 8 year 3d artist I pride myself on providing good communication. I understand that people come to Fiverr with a very limited budget but that’s no reason to treat the sellers like dirt


I totally feel you! These people should be kept away from Fiverr.

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I’m so sorry to read you are ill while also dealing with these time wasters.

I’ve noticed several trends in these people and it’s helped me prevent the time wasting and really limit it:

  1. They don’t inquire about a gig, but ramble on about something they are trying to accomplish.

  2. It takes at least three exchanges before they get to their point. Before that it’s just “Hi,” and “I’m wondering if you can help me” and “I want to get traffic (outcome)” and things like that.

  3. They state the outcome they want, not the task they want you to do.

So now if they write to me I respond with “What gig and package are you interested in?” Prevents a lot of back and forth. If they’re still cagey after that I say “I’m not a good fit.” If they persist, I repeat. Then if they continue after that, I block.

I don’t know if this is consistent with the time wasters you get, but it works well for me.


Time wasters totally get on my nerves, but what actually makes me feel like I want to punch some buyers in the face, is buyers that discuss the whole project with you, then once you tell them your price, they never respond… AT LEAST TELL ME “NO THANKS!” or “THAT IS TOO HIGH FOR ME” or “I AM CHEAP! AND EXPECT ROCKET SCIENCE FOR $5” arrrgghhhh… these buyers are THE real time wasters!


You should never do it that way, though.

Your system needs to establish suitability before you invest in listening and conversing. Budget and scope need to be an early part of the conversation.

Otherwise it’s a gamble because neither party knows what the other expects and will agree to.

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It depends on the buyer, usuallly, doing this lead them to actually tell you “I guess I can spend a little bit more of my budget with you, you seem perfectly suitable”.
Generally, it is a win for me (maybe because they actually see that my prices are higher than others already), I swear it happens with most buyers. But the rest, just tell me NO and move on, don’t ignore me…

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For sure, that makes sense because a conversation can help them see that they’ll get a great return on the investment in hiring you.

But you can still create a system that allows for this tailored case-making and has ways of assessing if someone will be cheap and a time-waster.

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No that is a perfect example of what I’ve been dealing with. I will certainly take note of your tips going forward, thank you for your humanistic understanding.

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It is difficult to do, they can ALREADY see my gig packages are NOT cheap.
But sometimes it is perfectly clear to me, when a buyer for example says, that “I have a very simple job”, or when they say “I can do it, but I don’t have time” then I mark them, BAM, time waster.
But when I cannot identify a cheap buyer, all what I concentrate on while discussing their job, is giving them ideas and understanding their job perfectly in order for them to like me and my way of thinking, to give them confidence to say “Yup, that’s our guy!”, so as you perfectly stated earlier, it is a gamble.

By the way, I know that I am gambling, and I must be expecting these time wasters, but all what I am asking for is, a “NO” or “THAT IS HIGH” :slightly_smiling_face:

I think whats missing is deposit system to ensure only serious buyers are contacting us busy sellers


I feel this deep down in my soul.

After 2.5 years on the platform, I have little tolerance for people who waste my time. @humanissocial has it right - if you can’t get the information you need within three messages, dump it and move on.

Additionally, I have never had a sale or positive outcome come from just “hi” messages, so I report those as spam. Going through 30-50 messages a day, I absolutely cannot spend time on discussions that I know will not be financially rewarding.

I kind of sound like a turd when I put it that way, but I value my time and everyone else should too! :slight_smile:

Edited to add: this isn’t to say that I don’t converse with my clients, lol. It’s all dependent on the situation. I’m only a stickler for them time wasters!

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You don’t sound like a turd!

I would never do a full back-and-forth conversation with any client, anywhere, unless the job is at least $500 and I don’t do orders that expensive here, anyway. Even if you get the job and it goes well, you have to factor in the time spent on the conversation into your payment, especially with a low success rate of these conversations. It’s bad enough to have one 20 minute chat that would have a guaranteed sale.

Also, if it takes three conversations with three different people to get one sale and each conversation takes 20 minutes, that’s an hour right there. The cost of the job wouldn’t even let you break even.


Amen to that! A majority of clients don’t understand that time is money, even talking.

I have a whole laundry list of “red flags” where I know a conversation won’t pan out and I do my best to discern as I’m going. It’s really helped streamline my work flow.


Yes, but they also aren’t expensive enough to warrant the time invested in conversations. They actually aren’t appropriate rates for your scope and value either. That itself attracts cheap sketchy buyers. You need to focus on deterring them.

That’s awesome! The more systematic we can make our work, the more we can minimize costs.

And spending time on a conversation IS a cost. It’s time and energy you could be spending making money.

And if your price alone is too low for the scope and value, you are going to get bad prospects and buyers. They flock toward that scenario.

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Thank you! for the innovative and sophisticated information on this complicated topic. I was searching for this for weeks.

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yeah it is enough to make me just quit fiverr. And I am Fiverr Pro, the buyers don’t seem to care. I make good money on fiverr too, but no money is enough I think to have to deal with the amount of shady buyers on fiverr. I even tried charging for initial consultations (just $5 - weeds out 99% of time wasters). It works for most, most actually appreciate that I am legit enough to check they are real. HOWEVER lately they just pay the $5, waste time, and then dispute it/force a refund. That is how unscrupulous so many fiverr buyers are. But 1 out of every 100 or so requests is a legit buyer. That is what has been keeping me going, but those are crappy odds. The hours wasted dealing with time wasters and tire kickers cuts into the $$ if you think about it. If I spend 10 hours dealing with time wasters to land paying buyers, and it takes me 10 hours to fulfill those orders it cuts my hourly wage in half. Time wasters are Brutal. And they all seem drawn to fiverr for some reason.

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