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Time Zone Doesn't match with location

Hello everyone,
I’ve found something today.One of the seller ID is showing that he is from UK but the time zone showing on his ID is +8 GTM.Can you explain the cause?
Thank You.


Usually it’s not something to worry about, though the U*work scammers use random time zones. I normally assume (and it normally is) that it is just a person using a VPN, or traveling out of country/continent.


The most common reason is that they’re faking their country (by using VPN) and hope that they will get more orders that way.

Another common reason is traveling, especially if they’re a digital nomad.


Thank U…But Is it legal using VPN?

hmm…Thank U.But why fiverr doesn’t notice this?

That’s me! I split my time between two countries and so my time zone changes by 8 hours every little while.


I don’t know if using a VPN for this site is illegal, but people can use it for mundane things such as price checking items, so it’s not illegal in an international aspect.

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I was talking to someone who was supposed to be from the US like me, and as we talked his time zone changed suddenly to 12 hours ahead of mine. Then when I mentioned it to him it changed back to my time zone. :question:

It can bring you problems. Also, you’re supposed to be honest about yourself, your skills, your country…

They did notice it, and they’ve introduced phone verification. A lot of people had trouble verifying their accounts when they did that.


That’s me! :raising_hand_woman:

My countries and time zones used to change every time I travelled to a new country but since ID verification fiverr just kept a country where my ID was issued even though I was in a different place.


is VPN useful to get more orders from fiverr?

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That’s like asking if lying about who you are and where you’re from is useful in getting more orders.


So far I know you shouldn’t use it…

Here is what is useful to get more orders; be better at what you do than anyone else.


He might be using VPN.

@sameed_webdev I have no idea who you mean or what you are talking about. It sounds like you are off topic though.


I am talking about the person who changed his time 12 hours ahead of you.Anyways forget it.Never mind.

More likely just using vpn.