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Timed Audio Sync added to VO gigs - your thoughts?

While updating the pricing for my VO gig I noticed Fiverr automatically added Timed Audio Syncing to my gig extras.

Since Fiverr explains that this doesn’t include my delivery of a video, I interpret this to mean I create an audio recording based on a timing sheet provided by the Buyer. I simply use my DAW and deliver an audio file. Profitable for me as long as Buyers know how to PROPERLY write a timing sheet (most do not).

This is much different than recording a track with a video they supply (often called dubbing) where I would use Final Cut or Premiere and deliver a video file. Not worth the headaches and the pittance they’re willing to pay, IMHO.

Your thoughts?

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I noticed the new addition, luckily it’s optional. Whew!
Personally, I decided not to use this feature.