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Timezone/Time incorrect on Fiverr Messages

Fiverr doesn’t let you set your timezone, it’s supposed to pick it up automatically I think (based on what forum users have said), but the time it shows in messages on the main Fiverr site are an hour ahead of the actual time in my location, even though Fiverr shows the correct location in my profile. Can Fiverr please fix it or is there anything I can change in settings anywhere? Messages show a time 1 hour ahead of BST and 2 hours ahead of GMT (when it should be showing times based on BST right now (not BST+1 hour), since we are currently in BST).


It is because of the whole BST/GMT thing - I’ve given up trying to work out what my time/other users’ time is TBH - it’ll all go back to normal on 29th October, and we’ll get an extra hour in bed! :sleeping_bed: