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Timing/method for delivering consulting gigs?


Hi there,

This is my first gig and I am confused about how our timing is calculated by Fiverr. Also about methods to deliver it. My gig is 1:1 consulting - both I and the client get on ■■■■■ and have a meeting. We’ll also use a couple of other online tools (or at least, we’re supposed to).

The buyer contacted me and asked for the service a few days ago. We picked a date and time for the consultation. Normally at this point, I’d send an invitation from my Google calendar. It’s kind of important, because both of us use calendars to manage our time. Calendar invites also allow the client to remain up to date as I do the preparation for the consultation. I don’t know if Fiverr permits this, does it?

Secondly, the main activity of the consultation is the client editing a business plan template (in the form of a google doc I send them). I am giving them business advice and teaching them - this is the core of the offering. How is such consultation usually handled on Fiverr?

Thirdly, when the client decided to buy, she asked if she should purchase the gig at that time. I said not yet, because I believe Fiverr begins timing us at that point and my rating would suffer since - because our meeting is after the holidays - my “delivery time” would be very long. Is this true? How is delivery time counted anyhow?

When I was a buyer, I bought graphics, the seller gave me a document, and I marked the document satisfactory. But that was for graphics. For my product, the exchange of documents is actually the start of the consultation, and it would probably be best if I give her some stuff earlier rather than later so she has the background to realize maximum value from her consultation. How is this handled on Fiverr?

Mainly my question is about how to follow the Fiverr rules when I need all this external communication and online tools to deliver my consultation. Also, how I’m being measured by the platform.

Thanks in advance,


Do all communications on Fiverr, Deliver and receive all documents on fiverr. Use longer delivery times. For instance, I know that I can provide the service in three days if the customer is engaged. I set the deliver timer for 9 days. Even by doing this, I have customers that need to reschedule and they for example, can only meet on Monday nights. The gig will then get a modification request asking for more time because the customer needs to reschedule.

There is not a perfect workflow. Just communicate well with the customer and do not communicate outside of Fiverr. Except for the conference call which should be approved by Fiverr when you setup your consulting gig.


Well, I actually deliver the service in one hour - it’s a consultation after all. The extra time is scheduling the appointment. So when does the delivery counter begin?

Fiverr does not offer video conferencing, screen sharing, or live co-interaction with an online template - all of which are essential to the service I’m providing. What do I do?


Whenever the buyer has paid and submitted whatever information you require them to give.

You really need to ask CS about this - they do allow users to use the SK service when it’s needed as part of the gig, but you need to get permission before you start.

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


Suggest you do not refer specifically to another site where users can contact you on your Fiverr profile.

Make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.


Doesn’t payment happen after I deliver the result of the consultation (in this case, the one-page business plan)?


Also, what is SK service?


You get paid after delivery, but the buyer pays for the gig before you get the notification to say you’ve got an order.

SK = S-K-Y-P-E.


Thanks. Sorry I am so dense - there’s just so much I don’t know on here.

How do I seek permission? I thought I was pretty transparent with the “interactive, live, hands-on” description of the service, and the approval of my gig was such a permission.

Also, would I be correct in assuming that the ‘delivery time’ clock starts ticking once the buyer pays for the gig?


You need to ask CS -
Just explain to them what you’d like to do, and the tools you need to use to provide your service.

After they’ve done this and filled in your gig requirements.

Added - I can see you’ve changed your profile description but as @lloydsolutions mentioned, Fiverr still won’t like it. If you want to add a link to anywhere other than Fiverr, you can use one of the URLs on this page: :slightly_smiling_face:


Merciavideo, thanks a lot, this is really helping.

I’m sorry to have to ask for more, but I’m not clear about the path for the help ticket. Is it Gig -> I’m unable to create a Gig?


You could try account issues => general inquiry? :slightly_smiling_face:


The above and what you are allowed to do and not do is all explained in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know what happened and how it turned out.

I did manage to get a hold of customer service and they told me I didn’t have any warnings on my account and using Sk- - - (and other videoconferencing) was totally okay since it was part of the gig. Turns out, I had mentioned [redacted] in the requirements so it had probably been reviewed and approved and I was just being a worrywort.

Also I delivered the gig today (as in: five minutes ago) and it went GREAT!

Also my client loves me and is super happy! I am super happy!

So thanks everybody! This had a happy ending!