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Timing of orders

Hi I am a buyer and when i find someone i can work with i like to schedule a few gigs so i dont forget. but i am worried about how it impacts the sellers ratings and reputation.
forinstance i found a great logo maker i am busy and wanted to just buy the gigs set up the domains with the info while i am working on it.
but then i see this like 2 day delivery. well i want the deliveries staggered. i cant do 6 logos in one or two days. it is me and it takes me a couple days per domain to get the website up and products and all that. but i dont want the seller to be penalized because i it is easier for me to make all the orders that i will need for the following week.
or is this no problem? is the seller able to put in his own schedule on delivery without impacting his ratings or reputation?

If you contact the seller first, they can send you staggered custom orders for the dates you request.Some may not want to, but doing so doesn’t hurt their ratings or anything. You can, of course, simply place orders separately on your own schedule, too.