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Tinkering with my gig - is this a problem?

Hi everyone, I just joined a few days ago and have been making small changes to my gig description and visuals every day. I’ll likely make small tweaks for the next few weeks as well. Would anyone know if this would negatively affect my gig in terms of impressions, views, and clicks?

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Hello again.

Whenever you make edits, those edits do need to go through a check. This usually takes a day or two. Once you get something you’re happy with, and as long as you think you’re getting acceptable statistics, let it be.

Edit as little as possible, but as often as needed.

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Thank you…again! I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t accidentally digging myself into an inescapable hole. I see you and your comments everywhere - you’re a selfless machine! You must have helped so many people.

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