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#Tip 101 (Tips for Freelancers)

Tips for freelancers- If you aren’t getting any buyer knocks, try to change your bidding proposal. Try to talk directly to the work point rather then being formal. I tried the formal way for the first month and I got only 2 buyer knocks. After being direct to the buyers, I got like more than 10 knocks and worked for 2 repeat client jobs. So you can use my trick to get a job. Thank you. !:heart:

*Change or edit your gig every two-three months. If not getting any job from clients.
*Try to bid regularly thrice a day.
*10 bids everyday at your best work experience.
*Be frank with the client,if the formal way not working.
*Keep patient and don’t lose your faith and hope on anything.
Regards Ashfaqur Rahman


Where are other tips threads (1-100)?

I mentioned it as tip 101. That doesn’t it has to include 100 threads. Thank you. H

Hi ashfaqurrrr,
What do you mean by talk directly?

I meant that when you bid a buyer request, talk to point and be direct about the buyer’s requirement. Rather than being formal . Thank you.