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Tip 4 "I'm done" stories: STOP WHINING, START DOING

Please? It’s really boring to come here and see post after post of Fiverr’s decline based on a sample size of little old “you”. Spend that time working out how to get out your decline and improve. Then do that damned thing, or things.

It’s working for me so far. And don’t follow up with a TRS whine. If you do, let me pre-insult you: you are putting your future success in the hands of others (“bad Fiverr!”, “but you are TRS, it’s different” “I just want sympathy, I only eat once a day now :(” “I had two profiles and…”) instead of being slightly smart and doing something to halt your decline because of some external thing you have no control of.

Trust me, you want to spiral into insignificance because Fiverr’s cheated you because (whine, whine, whine), you will. Do you realize how many people are ready to take your place? Even skipping the totally idiotic shitlords who can’t do anything will disappear soon, it’s still a lot.

You could waste some more time being “positive”, too. Whatever, get to work. That will have an effect, unlike the positive emotions farmed from a pity party which is ultimately nothing more than empty empathy designed to make both parties feel better while achieving sweet FA.

Also, skip 99.99% of tips here–they’re not helpful. They’re mass produced crap designed for personal ego-stroking/gig views. If it’s not directly C&Pd, it’s regurgitated.

Look, you’re in charge of your life, aren’t you? So start acting like it, at least with this one thing: your goddamn business. If you don’t want to, someone smarter, faster, better etc than you will. Your choice, man, but whining on a forum is just asking for a shark to swallow you whole like the plankton you are. Or whale, whatever. I’m sure some shark eat plankton so es steht.

Also, If you’re a newbie, don’t also post “I AM NEW GIB TIP!”

It makes you look like a moron. A lazy moron. That’s at best…

I actually find the ‘I’m done’ stories more tolerable than a lot of what’s posted here. Sometimes they are a little too ‘poor me, the world sucks’ nonsense, but sometimes they are laced with actual concerns I relate to (ie; search rankings being puzzling sometimes). Some of the cases are rather unfortunate, and it’s a shame people set their hopes too high, too early, that this will be a full time gig for them. Sucks, and yeah, they should probably change their attitude and do something about it.

As for the self-help tips, perhaps this forum should have buzz words like ‘how to’ or ‘how i’ that automatically funnel those posts into a spam folder. And if it’s a legitimate post citing ‘how to’ do something cool and actually relevant, then you must answer a skill testing question about plankton and whales to get your post back on the regular feed.

I have seen that whiners are not willing to do anything about their situation.

Skip 99.9% tips?

Thanks For Your Helpful Information … Thankuu :slight_smile:

Tough! I like that.

Oh, the classic Emma. What would the forum be without you.
(I’m not being sarcastic or anything, I agree with you!!)

I think whining is OK, I do it too. All the time in fact!!
I guess what’s important here is be sure to do something after whining.
Whine all you want, maybe drink a whole bottle of wine, get some sleep, and once you
get up, get something started. There’s always something you can do.

You are awesome:)) I saw alot of posts about people saying that they are leaving and stuff. And I’m here like, THANK YOU. Just leave already, I really want their place so I get some work too. They are whining that they only get like 1-2 jobs per day, And I’m here with no job for like 10 days.

If you’ve seen a tip once, you don’t need to see it again. Especially if the tip is as lame as “first, make a profile…” well, duh.

I wonder why they won’t just go or join other Freelancing sites and leave Fiverr for positive hustlers like us. Lol. I wish them luck anyway.

Well I signed up in 2014 and did nothing, I came back in 2016 and did something. Now am a level 2 seller within 5 months.

Thanks for this.
I really appreciate it

It is all about what you do after the whining. If you really want something then keep pushing till that thing happens.

I’m undone :slight_smile:

I’m done

hi there! this was really helpful, but i’m done with editing my profile and gigs. i won’t mind if you could take a look and give me some feedback

I’m done.

Can we still complain?

I still can’t post new forum topics, and my response rate dropped from getting spam.

Sure, buy my gig. $5 per gig. If you don’t want to cough up, go away.