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Tip 4 "I'm done" stories: STOP WHINING, START DOING

Just start a post on the front page of the forum. It’s the only place that works! I think, I don’t try anywhere else anyway. My response rate dropped too, because L Cpl Nancy Spamowitz was on duty for a few days with multiple ID disorder and hundreds of millions of dollars to share.

Good Job Emma

This is like a motivational speech delivered through a Chuck Noris-like roundhouse kick :smiley: But I get your point and it’s basically true, even though whining is sometimes just emotional release - you don’t really want anyone to help you, you just want to say your piece and let a bit of those negative emotions flow out instead of cooking you up inside.

That kind of sucks for others, but also kind of rocks (just a little bit) for the person doing it. :slight_smile: