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Tip after bad review!


Hello! Amazing! The buyer who sent me a bad review gave me a TIP!
The buyer has closed the order and he didn’t know that he can use his unlimited revisions and he sent me a 4 star review. I messaged him about what I can do about it and to get a better review. We had a deal and he changed the review to 5 star and a TIP!
My advice is never leave your customers behind you after sending a bad review, try to talk with them on a friendly way and make everything alright till they are perfectly satisfied!


This does not always work, and it can lead to abuse.


Aha, I do not understand when client leaves 4 stars and tips, but that is just their feeling. 4 stars marks a GOOD review :slight_smile:


Must’ve been a deal that was irresistible for the buyer revise his review.


I mean if he deserves it and thinks that he deserves more less than 5 star review.


From buyer’s perspective it’s different I think, Yes and 4 stars review it’s not a bed review and it’s acceptable.


I’m sorry but every time I see your id i think of this:


Some buyers are not actually fully understand the fiverr working rules. They give 5/4/3 star sometimes. Without any reason. This happens most when you get a small order.


After reading your title I thought your buyer left you a 1-star review with a tip or something lol, that would of been funny but sad.


Seeing this makes me want to yodel. But as I can’t … I won’t! :slight_smile:


.Lol this always doesnt work

sometimes buyers got abusive and more !

you got lucky :slight_smile: