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Tip after completing work

Hi, I am new at fiverr. my client place order i have completed it. now he told that after completing more task he will give me tip. is it allow in fiverr and how he will give it to me??


Sounds like a scam. If he wants additional work, you can send him an extra charging for your time. Don’t rely on anyone saying “I’ll give you a tip if you do more work on XY…”. Most of the time the “buyer” is just trying to get some more for free. If he is serious, he’ll pay for additional work and purchase the extra.

Edit: It is also not allowed to charge for work via tip. Don’t do that in general. A tip is what it is - a kind gesture in form of money from a customer who is really satisfied with your work. For a tip nothing should be expected in exchange.


@doresk Ask buyer to provide additional work details. Based on that you send a custom offer. That will be good and fair.

If he wants more work to be completed, let him either order it from you or send him a custom offer. Easiest solution.


People don’t work like that on Fiverr. Don’t do what you did not quote for and don’t accept his offer. Ask him to open a new order.


There is no guarantee that you can get that tip, it’s better to send him an offer.

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Real tips are almost never prompted or hinted at in advance. Genuine tips are normally a spur of the moment occurrence when a buyer is very pleased with the delivery and service they received. They are not intended to be used as a carrot on a stick to entice a seller to perform additional work.

If he wants more work done, let him place another order or accept a custom order from you.


Send him a custom offer. If he declines, don’t make anything else for him. He is being sneaky offering you a tip for more work, because there is no contractual obligations in a tip, it’s something people give if they feel like it, plus what’s stopping him from asking more revisions if there isn’t anything stating how much revisions will be made?. A custom order instead, is an actual contract. If he starts to blackmail you or anything like that, you can block him and report him (asking for work out of the scope for free is against ToS, as far as I remember).

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Buyers can tip sellers after orders are completed. However…

…your buyer is trying to use the promise of a tip to encourage you to do more work. This is morally wrong. A tip is always optional. In other words, you could do extra work - but not be rewarded for it.