Tip Anytime Button?


What about the ability to tip at anytime throughout the gig, even after? I still contact my website developer for random “favors” but I know they would appreciate an additional tip after the transaction has long been complete. Has this been discussed?


You can message the buyer that you were previously working with any time in the future, before or after, if you feel like tipping them. They can then set up an offer where you pay for nothing and it is considered a tip. Hope this helps!


Tip options are available for 7 days after submission of successful project. You can see



Thanks for the responses. I understand asking for them to set up a 0$ offer, but sometimes I would rather do it as a surprise and without their approval/notice. As for the 7 days, that’s fine, but it has been a couple months with the initial price+tip being significant in value, I have requested a few side favors, which I know isn’t free and would like to reward that person, without any approval/notice. Anyway, thanks for listening.


How to get around it:
Some sellers actually have a “separate” tip gig. In your case, if the seller doesn’t have it, you can simply surprise him by placing an order with one of his gigs and adding the amount you wish to “tip” him. (By multiplying the amount of “gigs” you wish to purchase. Additionally, for the buyer requirement field, you can simply add “This is a surprise tip - please mark this order as complete right away!”)

Getting back to your initial question:
Currently, there is no way to “tip” a seller anytime.


I have done this where I just place an order on a gig and in the requirements, I just ask them to deliver it immediately as it is a thank you for their time/patience etc.


Yes but not all of them…I have provided a suggestion and you all have provided ways around what I am actually trying to accomplish. Thanks for listening anyway.


Many buyers tip in odd amounts, for example $11.00 or $9.00, which are probably leftover in their accounts. It would be great if they could enter odd amounts for a tip anytime feature.