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Tip Button for Sellers


I think there should be a specific tip button on every seller’s gig page so buyers could easily tip the sellers for their work.

My buyers often try to tip me by ordering my gig but most of them forget to say something on the order page and the order just stays like that forever until the buyer returns and say something on the order page. I have 5-6 orders like that in pending that people ordered to give me a tip but they forgot to say something on the order page and it stayed stuck like that forever since.

A tip button would really make things a lot easier for buyers and sellers. Fiverr developers should definitely look into this matter.


Hello bastimate,

I think that what you said is a very big prob!!

The sellers must to know which things to change on their projects, and Fiverr must to change the buyer options immediately.


That would be brilliant! I get lots of praise and thanks from my buyers but I’ve only ever received a tip once, and I don’t like to suggest it myself. I’m sure it would happen more often if there was a button there to give people the idea and make it easy.