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I was thinking that it would maybe be good to have a tip button. When the buyer completes the order and gives the feedback, he/she should be able to send a tip to the seller if he/she was really happy with the delivered results. I am not sure what would be good amounts for tips, but maybe buyers could tip anywhere between $1 and $5 for smaller gigs (let’s say for gigs up to $10) and more for larger gigs (maybe up to $20 on a $100 gig). I think that this is especially helpful for sellers who do not get many repeat customers because of the nature of their gig.

An add-on would be that the seller could indicate that the tips (or part of it) will be donated to some charities. The system would then automatically deduct the part of the tip that is destined for the charity organization. This could be a great feature if Fiverr would make some partnerships with for example the Red Cross, WWF or some other international organizations (preferably organizations with different profiles).

Great idea. :slight_smile: