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Tip feature


I recently had a request about a “tip” option - a client wanted to tip me and I had no idea where to find the function or how to add it.

Another strange thing - all my gigs state delivery in 1 day - yet only one states “express” on my gig list.

I am curious to know how to add the “tip” function and how to get my other gigs listed as “express”.


I think there’s no function for tips, so people just add one gig for tipping only, or the client can use some extra for it, or he can just order one more gig and tell you to only deliver it, as a tip. Damn, it would be useful tool. :smiley:

Don’t know about the express thing.


Many sellers create a gig for tips…such as “I will accept your tip for $5.” If a buyer wishes to tip, they can simply order that. =]

For a gig to have that “express” status, there’s a few requirements that must be met.

  1. Every order delivered must be within 24 hours. That means, if I set it at 24 hours but deliver in 25 hours, even if the buyer does not have a problem with it, it will not gain that status.
  2. It must have positive feedback. I don’t know the ratio of this but I believe it may be 100% positive feedback (or 97 or something high).
  3. You must have at least one positive feedback on the gig. That means newly created gigs will not have this status.


The tip “feature” is just adding an extra or a new gig called “I will accept your tip for $5”.

Making your gig into an express gig is easy: the 24 hours feature is activated by putting “[within 24 hours]” in the name!


You have two choice :-

  1. Create a new gig for tip!
  2. Ask your customer to order the gig another one as a tip and ask him to leave another good feedback. This option will give you more feedback in your gig page.