Tip for buyer


How can I tip a buyer after I’ve already closed contract? I didnt see a tip option prior to closing contract.


Why would you want to tip a buyer? The entire purpose of Fiverr is a freelance site where skilled individuals can SELL their services. Funds flow to the sellers; services are delivered to the buyers. Money does not go to buyers unless you are refunding an order.


I got a tip once. Don’t know how the buyer did it actually.


I assume you meant tip a seller, not a buyer since you don’t tip your buyers.

When you receive your delivery of an order you will see a message that asks if you want to leave a tip. I’m not aware of any other way unless the seller has a “tip” gig.


You may refer here:


Tips are only for buyers to give sellers not the other way round. A seller can only give bonuses to buyer.


Yes. Thats correct! Sorry for mishap!


Settle down… I meant tip the seller… Thx misscrystal…I will use the. Link you provided…