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Tip for buyers, if you don't like it, just say that

I get that sometimes I am not everyone’s cup of tea but this is not how to approach something you don’t like. It’s rude. Just say you don’t like it and move along. But to be insulting and rude like this is just uncalled for. Period.

I am so sick of people like this… if you can get your kid to do it THEN YOU SHOULD DO THAT…

I’ve heard that one before. Or “I could do this myself in PowerPoint”… Really? You’re going to make a logo with a software designed for slides and presentations. Okay, you do that.

The saddest thing is this is probably how they deal with people in person, too. Entitled, angry, and insulting. What an unfortunate way to go through life. I would actually tell that person what @designbybliss said…if you think your kid can do better, DO THAT (and maybe learn how to talk to people). That person would not get a modification or a refund from me.

Ugh, I just do not understand people that seem hell bent on making other people feel bad. Okay, you didn’t like it, but why’d you phrase it like that? Was your intent to hurt me?

"Thank you for your honest feedback! As my goal is to make you happy I would highly appreciate it if you could attach some of your youngest work, this way i will have a better understanding of what style and level of quality you are looking for."

It’s a bait…they are probably going to cancel and were just doing it to get free work. I have noticed people sharing things like that, where a scammer trying to get work for free writes more of a rude message as kind of the set-up.

I would just go cancel the gig, give the person a refund. If not they are just going to leave you bad feedback.

It happens once in a while. If it happens alot then you want to maybe look at a few things in terms of your overall workflow, but just let it go and ignore this.

It’s like the week of terrible buyers. Oye. This was just the beginning of the craziness.

It happens occasionally. If you have clear instructions for revisions, I would be extremely polite and accommodate. If they don’t give specifics, I would send a very respectful message and suggest mutually canceling. Do not give any of the attitude back. You will not gain anything from addressing the rudeness. Many of these projects… I am able to complete and I get a good review. I do not except new work from them when they come back. I do all of these things without ever confronting them about their behavior.

I really believe that the client is “Supervisor for the day” They just can’t handle the power. It goes to their head. Maybe they have a boss and they get yelled at all day and it’s their turn to be the boss? I haven’t figured it out?

I would say “You didn’t come to find a pro, you came to find cheap.”

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