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Tip for buyers of graphic design: The featured images are no proof of skills


but sometimes used to mislead buyers. Only sold work in the portfolio really shows the skills (or lack of) of the seller. If you doubt, some reverse image search can help discover if a sleazy seller is ripping stuff from the internet.


How do you do a reverse image search successfully?


Google tinyeye and they would show you site to go on. In your browser, right click on the image and click ‘Copy image URL’ then paste that URL on tinyeye and it would do a reverse image search. Or you can just drag and drop image on google image search. But remember, sometime google shows up matching images, that doesn’t mean that the work is not original. Its tricky to find by google. I would recommend tinyeye.


Thanks for the assists.


Reply to @topaz_muse: Web version of or the TinEye browser plugin or drag the image into Google search.


Reply to @kjblynx: Great tip! I didn’t know about that! Thanks!


Reply to @mariarajput786:
Better search on Google though, the Tineye database is much smaller then Google’s, only often comes with different results.