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Tip: For designers know that some sellers just show templates not made by them

Often with sellers who offer vintage logo’s, business cards etc. but lacking any decent skills and pretend to be ‘designers’.

Just enter data in the template, cost that’s less then a minute that’s not designing and it’s not original either.

A bit heavy to accuse a whole region on this planet - millions of millions of people- to not work good enough to fit with “western standards”. I guess you also would protest, if somebody would say something like that about the people of your country…

Sometimes the truth is heavy. Those guys can’t think outside their cultural frame and have no idea about modern design trends. That’s OK but when they pretend they should take any job it becomes annoying.

I’m bored of those many time wasting ‘tell me exactly what you want and I can do it’ discussions that lead to nothing. I love working with Indians but with graphic design they absolutely have no clue and can’t think out of the box.

I have hired a designer from Sri Lanka many times and love his work but I always describe exactly what I want. He nails it every time, quickly and politely. I do understand that cultures vary a lot in what they know about design. But there are exceptions sometimes.

Link to his profile?

He is a top rated seller. Sachin by name. Recommended. He always has at least 20 orders in his queue. It would take me some time I don’t have to find his link right now, sorry.

I really wouldn’t judge a person’s ability to design based on his or her geographical location. Just doesn’t make sense. I am positive talented people can be found everywhere. Language may be a barrier for some, but once you learn to deal with that, there are amazing things to be discovered.

Here you go–He has over 5000 positive reviews, right now 21 orders in his queue, and he is from south Asia and absolutely fantastic.


:smiley: Then there is this designer from India who is one of the most popular designers on fiverr:

See his post here “from broke to $30,000 a month”

India has billions of people so it is a stretch to group every designer in the country into one generalization.

I disagree.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that but the really great make you feel that you too can become great. When you are seeking to bring big plans to fruition it is important with whom you regularly associate. Hang out with friends who are like-minded and who are also designing purpose-filled lives. Similarly be that kind of a friend for your friends.”

? Mark Twain

Enough Said!

You shouldn’t judge seller by his region but by his work.

Reply to @misscrystal:

Which one? :smiley: There seems to be no one with an active profile.

Reply to @alw1nl: Your opinion is really annoying and against all the “rules” and the philosophy in the internet and I guess also Fiverr (logically) won´t like it.

You present yourself as some kind of “judge”, defining what “western standards” are and calling people from “south asia” generally as “Those guys can’t think outside their cultural frame” - it looks like that your way of thinking is the problem - you feel superior as them - for having born in the country where you have born - ehm so how is this called? Anybody may help me?

Reply to @alw1nl: Looks like you just want to prove that people from South Asia aren’t capable of doing anything nicely. I am from South Asia as well and it offends me.

According to me quality of work depends on the type of seller you pick, not on the location. You can find great artists even from South Asia but only if you remove prejudice glasses.

sachin81 from Sri Lanka

Reply to @alw1nl: I entirely disagree. My experience with Fiverr designers is that some are good, some are so-so and some are bad. Where they come from has only a little to do with it, if anything. Especially when referring to people across such a broad region of the world. I work directly with many people from India on a frequent basis and they do different kinds of work. With their deep cultural heritage, they often challenge me on “thinking outside of the box.”

Another thing to remember is that any seller can disguise country temporarily, so even if someone read your tip and thought it was great, it would only rule out the honest sellers in the region you mentioned. I see that you do graphics work yourself, so I would be awfully careful about throwing stones without due cause.

Edited to say: I think you must have altered your first post. I re-read this today and I have some recollection about what I responded to. You originally named specific places and called out sellers from those regions. I suppose that you didn’t like the critique and changed it, but it’s now questionable as to whether or not this thread even has merit since I see different wording now. I only noticed the post again when you seemed to have a number of threads in this category. Maybe enough is enough.

Reply to @misscrystal: Thank you for offering an excellent example. Without thousands of sales, I would guess @sachin81 is doing a few things right. Competition for lower level and seemingly confused sellers is healthy. :smiley:

Reply to @misscrystal:
Thanks, good info. Yesterday I found 2 from Sri Lanka that look good, both replied to my request, I did not find them via search though: **************** and ****************

The guy from India is a good seller but *************, seems another ***************. Will double check this to see if it’s true.

Calling out users for the purpose of discrediting them is disallowed on the forums.

Reply to @alw1nl:
Well done on doing thorough research before ordering anything. To get good results from a low priced marketplace, you must spend time sifting out all those spammers, scammers, and thieves. Time is money though.
As for your claim about sellers in a certain region, I could only say I respect your own view, as it’s hard to get some solid statistics about this. But as long as you have a well planned strategy of finding sellers, it will work well. I’ve tried an Indian writer before, and the work was satisfactory, if not excellent.