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Tip for Going on 'Vacation' Without Turning Off Your Gig

There’s a problem when you go on ‘Vacation mode’ and it’s when you turn it back on again, new orders tend to stop coming in. So my proposed solution to this is when you want to go on ‘Vacation’, simply put your price ridiculously high that no one in their right mind would order it. (And if they do order it, you’d make bank).

Alternatively, if you can make it so your price remains the same but the quality of the order is substantially reduced. Ex: For $5 I’ll write a 400 word article turned into for $5 I’ll write a 50 word article.

Then if you want to go back off of ‘Vacation’ you can simply restore the prices to what they were before, and you can ‘announce’ that you have just recently dropped prices which will garner attention.

This is just a tip though so take it with a grain of salt because I could always be wrong. But let me know what you think. Good luck.


If you know a way to put the basic price higher than $5 please share it with us!

If you change your gig description you are at risk of having your place in the search rankings changed.

I know the basic price can’t be changed, but I wanted to convey the concept of an “overpriced” gig.

So for the $5 basic price, the way to change it is to lower the quality, so people wouldn’t be compelled to order as much.

It also doesn’t require changing your gig description because it’s either price or quality of order that’s changing. A good way to work around announcing the price or quality difference is to upload a new image with words saying you’re changing a few things about the gig (at least temporarily).

Again, just an idea.

Edit: There was a type in the example I gave above. It was supposed to say “‘For $5 I’ll write a 400 word article’ turned into ‘for $5 I’ll write a 50 word article.’” Hope it makes sense.

This is so stupid, and I’ll give you two reasons why.

First, vacation mode doesn’t do anything against your gig. I take at least one day off every week with vacation mode, and it hasn’t hurt me at all. At this exact moment, I’m the 3rd ranked seller in my parent category and the 2nd ranked seller in my sub-category.

Second, buyers who are interested in your gig will probably window-shop a few times and probably bookmark or favorite your gig before they come back. If you play ridiculous games with your gig price, you’ll drive away your buyers. I’ve got a ton of repeat clients, and even though I’ve only changed prices on my core gig a handful of times, I still get clients from early last year who expect me to be offering the same price and services. If you go changing your prices every week, nobody will know what to expect. It’ll come back to bite you.

It is worth saying that if you set yourself on vacation mode for 24 hours but don’t come back within that time, Fiverr will move you from vacation mode to all your gigs being paused - which doesn’t really impact anything except your Google search ranking, which is already on the n’th page where nobody is looking - so if you want to avoid this, then set yourself for two days to make enough wiggle room.

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It’s a bad suggestion. What if you are on vacation and you will still get an order?? You won’t be able to deliver which will result in a negative feedback. This would scare your regular clients away. I agree with @James !!

Those are all valid points. I’d say vacation mode is a safe way to go if you only go in it for a day or two. But what if you want to go for weeks or months at a time?

Of course, it’s not a substitute for Vacation Mode, but just a tip about disincentivizing certain gigs temporarily if you want an alternative.

If you find that it’s a bad suggestion, I’d say don’t use it, but there may be some who want to experiment with the tip. Good luck.

Those ideas are great for people with 1-3 gigs. But when you have 17 gigs like I do, it’s very annoying to change all your gigs.

My suggestion? Just go on vacation, your sales will come back after you return. That notification button is powerful, people do click on it.

I don’t know about others, but I like the idea. I hate the vacation mode because I have had a bad experience because of it. My gigs on the first page of the particular category dropped to some 7th-8th page and obviously nobody searches that far, thus rendering the gigs useless for a long time. I know people who say that the vac mode works well, but it certainly didn’t in my case.
Sure this idea will drive away a few customers. But at least after that particular time, your gigs won’t suffer.
I would also suggest increasing the gig delivery time to the max. Just be sure to mention it in your gig description and ‘instructions to buyers’ so that they don’t accidentally order the gig and then have to cancel.

You can go on vacation mode for up to an entire month, and it does nothing to you account that wouldn’t happen naturally as a result of not getting orders. Having said that, though, I have come off vacation mode and actually found myself ranked higher than I was before I went on vacation mode. Figure that one out?

If you’re going to be unavailable for months at a time, it’s better to pause your gigs. Even if you played games with your gig to make it totally unattractive to somehow ensure that you don’t get any orders, this will cause three problems:

First, people who see your gig will be repulsed by what appears to be price gouging. They will drop you like a hot turd and never, ever look at your gig ever again.

Second, although clients not buying your gig doesn’t hurt you - how can you be harmed by an absence of activity? - they also won’t help you. How do you think Fiverr handles gigs that chronically make zero sales? They get down-rated and fall lower and lower in the search rankings.

And third, playing price games and always updating your gig page with notification that you “just dropped prices!” puts you in the position of the “immanent event close,” or in other words, giving your potential clients the feeling that this is a limited time offer and they have to act now. That’s a high-pressure sales strategy, and it only works in a controlled sales setting where there aren’t literally hundreds of other sellers offering the same or similar products or services. At best, you’re telling your clients to wait for when the prices change to make a purchase, and at worst, you’re effectively telling your clients, “Go away.” Seriously, when you put up barriers to close the sale that’s exactly what you’re doing.

I think going to vacation mode is not a big deal.

but i avoided it when i had final exams what i did was
> increase the delivery time to 6-7 days
> double the price of gig extras
> added a sentence to some of my gigs that i am busy so don’t place order on this gig.

Then i started to get no order. What i have noticed if your conversion rate drop down and you haven’t gotten any order for a long. Fiverr search algorithm will rank you down.
it took 2-3 week for my gigs to recover afterwards.
So in my opinion, going to vacation mode is better option

Agree with you.

Vacation mode is better than changing gig description. If you change gig description, you don’t know where fiverr algorithm will put your gig

ahm This is bad idea… I think you can just install the Fiverr app. and go to the vacation. if you receive any inquiry or order you can coordinate with the Fiverr App. If you dont want to turn on your vacation mode. :slight_smile:

Yeah and you are not working for fiverr??? Thats not stupid at all. BEWARE people of vacation mode! I have used vacation mode 20 days ago and only stayed for 4 days. After deactivated vacation mode my gig DISSAPEARED COMPLETELY from search and i was on the first page with keywords relevant to my work. Now after one year and a half of hard working my gig is equal to zero. I have serached all pages ( 22 pages) and i’m nowhere

You have necro’d a 4 year old thread and replied to someone who has been suspended from Fiverr for who knows how long…


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