Tip for New Sellers - Honesty is the Best Policy


Hello Everyone,

My name is Zeeshan and i am from Pakistan, 4 months ago i was completely unaware of the name FIverr and i pretty much did not have faith in online earning until i saw an ad which was being strongly backed up by our government in order to promote and introduce freelancing in our country, so i took the training classes and chose graphic design as my niche, just to let you all know i had been working as a graphic designer for local businesses over 6 years. During this time i had been a call agent and also a high school teacher as well.

I can still remember having that passion to make a good earning on fiverr, i had made relevant gigs and it had been almost 20 days that i created my profile but there was no luck coming my way. Impressions and everything was storming high but there was no traffic, nobody interested probably. Until i got my first order through a nice chit chat over Fiverr inbox. That was the day i made a mark and started getting orders in real fast. I remember keeping my profile as honest as possible. I didn’t hide anything. And i only made gigs for which i was completely confident and sure about delivering quality work.

The biggest achievement would be that i became a seller on Fiverr, the only trainee in Pakistan who had completed 105 orders within 2 months of training. I was appreciated by my trainers and government officials who were there to support and promote freelancing.

Now the bottom line is that four months back i didn’t even know if Fiverr existed, today i have completed over 200 orders and am progressing well as a graphic designer and freelancer. So if you start something give it all with complete dedication and honesty and you will eventually start seeing that work does pay off well.

Best of luck to all new sellers and thank you all for reading and letting me share my experience on Fiverr with you all.


True. Just do your work and keep going. Detach yourself from the outcome.


Thank you for sharing your advice and story :blush:


Hello Zeeshan, your story is quite impressive i am also a new seller who has just started getting trained and am working as a seller here. I wish you more success and hope to be motivated from your story. Stay blessed and thanks for sharing.


Thank You. I will remember your words.


I’m also from Pakistan and working hard to get orders regularly but I’m not getting. Even I’m getting good impressions and i complete my orders very sincerely.


Hi. Ur story is quite intresting and motivates me alot. Em also a new seller at fiverr but by time passing em getting demotivated coz i hav no order yet. But u give me inspiration again.
Have a good luck.


Hi, Zeeshan!

So true.

Many new Sellers arrive on the scene with unrealistic expectations. Some ask "what are the BEST selling gigs?" for an easy way to make money; despite knowing how to do XYZ job. Any gigs offered should be ones that you’re qualified to do and confident that you’ll allocate quality service. Copy-catting and delivery crap work will not be the road to success but a road of destruction and potholes.

It’s always refreshing to read a story like yours.

Have a good day! :butterfly:


Your are welcome. Thanks for appreciating. :slight_smile:


Thank You very much for reading.
I agree with you as well that if we only focus on what we can do best we will definitely start getting positive response with great recognition in every phase of life.


impressive and interesting


nice agree with you keep it up :+1: :slight_smile: