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Tip for Ordering Mistakes

When I first started on Fiverr and Buyers would make mistakes in ordering, I never mentioned it and did the work they requested. Over the course of time I noticed that 65% of my orders are wrong, and 99% of the time it’s in their favor not mine. Well, I completely understand that Buyers prefer to err on the side of caution— because let’s face it, Fiverr can be overwhelming. Like going down the cereal aisle in the grocery store.

Regardless, I’ve changed how I handle incorrect orders. I ask those Buyers to kindly (and I mean ever so politely) accept the cancellation and re-order correctly. Most do. A few I never hear from again, either they simply didn’t realize the cost (unlikely), or the behavior that was tolerated by the last Seller has been thwarted by me (more likely).

It’s important to realize, that If we let Buyers get services for free EVERYONE loses, including Fiverr’s investors. And if Fiverr fails to thrive, than so do we!

In a way, you’re right, but fiverr is also about great customer experience. I wouldn’t do a $50 job for $5 but WHEN I’m not too busy, I don’t mind being a tad accommodating.
I used to be more rigid about my prices when I first started here, but with time I’ve learned that happy customers are the ones that come back. And it’s not just about $$ but also the pleasure that comes with giving some random buyer a really nice deal. I give them the benefit of doubt the first time, and the next time they order they happily pay the full price.

Oh, I definitely don’t welcome habitual lowballers who come to me with offers of “guaranteed repeat orders” if I’d do a $60 gig for $15. No thanks, I’d rather spend my time doing something I enjoy than accepting those crappy “favors.”