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Tip for Sellers who Want Help with Gigs - Expanded

Many posts are placed on the forum by sellers asking questions like this:

• I am new on Fiverr. Can someone help me?

• How do I find buyers/get sales?

• Please review my gig?

• Please review my profile?

• Would someone help me and buy my gig?

• Why am I getting no sales / buyers?

• How do I level?

All of these questions and more have already been addressed often in both the Tips for Sellers category, the Fiverr FAQ category, and sometimes My Fiverr Gigs and other areas like the Fiver Academy. Posting these kind of questions in Tips for Sellers, Tips for Buyers or the Suggestion Box is not a good plan. While answers may or may not end up being tips, there are so many posts like these it can be overwhelming to read them all.

A better idea is to:

1.) Read threads that already have many great answers. Here are a few and you can search the forum for more help using your choice of keywords:

How to Make a Gig and Get Sales

Detailed Tips to Optimize Your Gigs and Start Selling

New to Fiverr - Read This Before you Ask How to Get Buyers

Fiverr FAQ Guidelines - Read Before Posting

Fiverr Forum Do’s and Dont’s

Who or What is Fragglesrock?

• The Fiverr Levels Page - How to Achieve Levels 1, 2 and up:

How Can I Become a Top Rated Seller?

• Clicking on Discussions at the top of the forum page will show you something great! The top links listed are Announcements and are full of useful ideas.

2.) If you still feel that you just have to post, you should realize that asking for personalized help on individual gigs is a slow process. Asking questions that have already been asked also is not the best plan. The people reading the forum are almost entirely other buyers and sellers who get paid nothing to help you.

• You may not get any responses if the people who see you post don’t know the answers or are just busy.

• Your username already hyperlinks to your profile and linking to your profile/gigs in your post is considered advertising. So, for option 2 that means your post belongs in My Fiverr Gigs where advertising goes.

If your question involves something very unique that isn’t already answered somewhere else on the forums, the Fiverr FAQ may be a suitable location to post it, but if you haven’t even read posts, the links above and searched for the answer, your post will probably be removed or moved to My Fiverr Gigs.

When you are hunting for some of the best posts on the forum, old and new, try this:

Look at the forum in the Discussions view which does pin this type of thread to the top. You can do it by clicking Discussion in the forum hyperlinks up top. It looks like this: Discussions You will see a list of some of the posts that have been made into top posts by using the Discussion feature!



A few Non-Forum Links for help:

The Fiver Academy

Getting Started on Fiverr

Customer Support

Submit a Fiverr Support Ticket

Fiverr Policies and Violations

Fiverr Terms of Service (ToS)

The Fiver Blog

In this thread, please do not post links to your gigs, your profile, or ask others to check your gigs. Links go only in the My Fiverr Gigs category. If someone does want to see your profile, they can click on your username for that. This thread is for advice that applies to all sellers, not individual advice or tips.

Reply to @landongrace: Another big problem in society today is when people don’t use any search engine. Google works so well but people don’t think to google for how to find google.

Reply to @fonthaunt: If people would search the forum for “Help for people who need help” This has already been discussed many times.

I’m just kidding with you. :slight_smile:

How about this getting pinned? like on the side of the forums??

Or how about THE FIVERR ACADEMY is featured where “notifications” are LIKE new tr’s??

Of course this would get buried by other posters asking for tips. It really is too bad that we can’t sticky things in the forum.


Since I saw the discussion bumped it made me think to add another link to the original post. I added a link to a great discussion started by a Fiverr staff member on how you can work toward becoming a Top Rated Seller (TRS.) I also added the link to the general Levels page for those who may have missed it.


New users must learn to READ

Useful Tips for New

I get the feeling some ( or most, hopefully) new sellers do read the forum, but I guess they keep asking the same questions because they want personal help?
If a new seller asks me “please tell me how to improve my gigs” usually the answer is a clear description, good ORIGINAL sample images, maybe a video, and correct grammar. I’d like to think that the new sellers have read those, but after they read them, they go "OK, yes, I got it, but how can I improve MY gigs? I need someone to tell me what kind of videos I can make for MY gig, how I can fix the grammar for MY gig, and how I should change the description for MY gig?"
I have seen kind sellers taking their time and typing out a whole description for them here. Maybe other people are trying to get a customized help???

Others I guess they think that Fiverr is a land of miracles where all they need to do is create a gig and they will have their sales within hours…

That is the real fact. Great Tips.

Personally, I think this list is pretty much perfect…but I get the feeling
some people might look at it and say “oh…it’s too long, it’s too much to read” and post the same question again, hoping for an easier/shorter answer. :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess they’ll never be successful. OK I shouldn’t say never, but too bad people don’t realize that it does take a looooooooooooooooong time to set things up and get your first $5!!

helpful tips

Dear All,
Already follow all instruction & try to create gig title, description etc. But did not get any positive result. :frowning:

thank you for share this tips. please check my service and tell me what need to change or edit for a good service.
thanks to all.

nice. its very helpfull for us.

Someone please check my profile and gig. I am new here in fiverr. Is everything okey? Where can I advertise my gig? Need your valuable suggestion :slight_smile:

you are right

I would start with the forum - people here have some great advice. Also, do research by looking at several different gigs. Best way to be successful is to self-learn

good tips