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*TIP* For When your Buyer wants to leave a Positive Review, but can't figure out HOW

Hi all, a helpful fellow Fiverr-er posted this link before, but I was recently searching the Forum for it and had some difficulty finding it. So I’m therefore re-posting for anyone else who needs this!

Sending this link has been super helpful for me when working with new Buyers who are pleased with my services but have trouble figuring out how to leave a positive review! It spells things out step-by-step:

That’s a nice tip, but I’d rather send a video if one exists, maybe a one minute video.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: that’s such a great idea!

I’ll make one and let you guys know when it’s done. Do you know how I can black out the private info that’s specific to my account?

Reply to @david388: If you are going to make the video by capturing your screen, you can open the video in Windows Movie Maker and edit the frames. Another option is to do it using still screen captures, edit the images to blur or black out info, then put it all together in a video using either Movie Maker or PowerPoint.

Thanks @fonthaunt - and I see you now have a Sheriff badge. That’s wonderful! Any idea about something similar on a mac?

that’s fantastic! Thank you so much. I wish I wasn’t such a noob and had known about this last week. Me and this guy spent about 2 hours trying to direct him to the right place for a positive view. We eventually gave up, and I told him his efforts were more than enough. haha. I’m glad I know about this now. Thanks!

Reply to @david388: Thanks, @david388. I’m just happy about it so I can help the exhausted mods and hopefully clean up a little, especially getting rid of the big-time spam that isn’t even related to Fiverr. I wish I could get every bit of it so real Fiverr users have the space to themselves, but sleep seems to be a necessity. LOL.

I don’t know a whole lot about Mac anymore - I had one years ago but not recently. If you did want to do it with stills like I mentioned, I think there is a Google docs equivalent to PowerPoint and that might work to turn it into a video after editing. (I’m guessing through, honestly.) Hopefully another Mac user will happen along! You might look at some of the safe freeware sites for a Mac program that lets you edit screen video caps.

Reply to @matterz000: exactly what I’m talking about. My pleasure!

Reply to @fonthaunt: Sounds great - will check that out. Thanks!