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Tip: Getting push notifications on an old phone that is no longer supported by the Fiverr App

If, like me, you have an old phone that the Fiverr App no longer supports, you can still use the Fiverr website to do most of what the App does. But one thing you can’t do is get push notifications when something important happens (like getting a new order or a message). Here is how you can get [most] notifications back.

What this does:
Gives you push notifications on your phone with a personalized ringtone (and optionally vibration) when you receive an e-mail from Fiverr. Thus, it’ll notify you of new orders, modification requests and messages, but won’t tell you when an order is marked as completed or has been rated.

What you need:

  • Android phone (might work on iPhone with a few tweaks)
  • Have Fiverr configured to send you e-mail notifications to a GMail account (if you have an account from another provider, you can always forward your e-mails to a GMail account)
  • GMail App installed on your phone

Short step-by-step for expert users:

  • Create a label named ‘Fiverr’ in your GMail account
  • Create a filter that catches mails FROM ‘*’ and assigns them the ‘Fiverr’ label
  • In the GMail App on your phone, go to Settings -> Manage Labels -> Fiverr
  • Enable Sync to your liking
  • Check ‘Label Notifications’ and ‘Notify every message’, and select your preferred ringtone & vibration.


Long step-by-step:

  • On your computer, go to GMAIL.COM and log into your account
  • On the menu to the left, select “MORE”

  • Scroll down and click “Create new label”

  • Enter “Fiverr” in the name field
  • Click “Create”

  • Now on the menu to the left click on “Manage labels”

  • On the top bar, click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses”

  • Click on “Create new filter” at the middle of the page

  • In “From” enter “*”
  • Click on “Create filter”

  • Now check “Apply the label”

  • In the drop-down menu to the right, select Fiverr
  • Then click on “Create filter” below

You are done configuring things on your computer. Now get your phone.

  • Open the GMail App
  • Open the menu (three bars, top left)
  • Press “Settings”

  • Make sure that “Notifications” is checked, then scroll down

  • Make sure that “Sync Gmail” is checked
  • Now touch “Manage labels”

  • Look for “Fiverr” and touch it

  • Touch “Sync messages” at the top
  • Select “Sync: Last 30 days”

  • Check “Label notifications”
  • Check “Notify for every message”
  • Touch “Sound” and select the ringtone that you want to hear when you get a notification from Fiverr
  • Optionally, you can enable vibration by checking “Vibrate”

YOU ARE DONE. Now you will get a push notification every time you get an e-mail from Fiverr.


Wow! That’s good information. Thank you for sharing with us.

Not everyone can afford the latest and the greatest. That’s definitely not helpful for new sellers.

I have the same problem. My phone runs on android kit kat. So new versions of the app are not supported. Although I get the gmail message it has a delay about 10 to 15 minutes.

The mobile web site is very poor. It’s good to communicate with the buyers. Most other functions in the app are not available in the website.

Amazing! Very useful post! Thank you!

Thank you very much. The information was very helpful and clear.