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"TIP GIGS" your opinion?

So I noticed before a while that there is a lot of sellers have a gig it basically “tip gig” or whatever we can called it, anyhow I’m planning to add a gig as that, what do you think?

Would you prefer to ask the buyer directly kindly for a tip, or just never do that and if they want to give you a tip they surly well? or create a whole tip gig?


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This is because, a few years ago, Fiverr didn’t really have a system in place where buyers could tip their sellers upon order completion. So, the only way sellers could receive tips was by creating a gig specifically for that.

However, now that buyers can directly tip their sellers (if they feel like/want to) from the post-order-completion section, I don’t think there’s a need for sellers to create a gig specifically for tips.

The latter!