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Tip how to bring the first sales

I have taught many people how to start selling at FIVER. Some of them are already selling and actually working at it, and some of them have not really succeeded. Today I want to talk about those who did not succeed and why did this happen to them ?!
I noticed that everyone is telling me the same thing. “I’ve uploaded a gig and I’ve been waiting for two months and I have not even sold one order” and I ask them, “What did you do to sell?” And they say to me, "What should I do? I’ve uploaded a gig and I’m waiting"
It really does not work that way!
When GIG uploads for the first time, they wait for two or three days, then enter the GIG analyst and try to understand what happened to him. How many views were there for GIG?
If the GIG had few views, then the keywords must be changed within the GIG, the description,
If there was a lot of exposure to the Gig but there were no clicks, then the picture or video you put does not make people click, and if there was a lot of exposure and there were a lot of clicks but they did not buy from you, it means that your product is unfamiliar and needs to be changed, Or explain it better.
A product that does not sell should check why it is not selling ?!
If you keep your heart on the pulse and fix the problem every time, your product will start to sell for sure!
I’m here to help everyone who needs to
Tamir Sasi


High quality gigs will succeed, other not. You must describe and document your activities well :grinning:

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It’s hard to get started sometimes but the key is to find a gig that is somewhat unique and make sure you promote it. One helpful thing is if you can get a friend or family member to join and order, that will at least get you started.

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