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Tip isn't found

Today one of my buyer tell me he pay a tip for me but I didn’t found any tip. I don’t understand whats problem


Did your buyer actually tip you or was the tip by word of mouth?


Where are you looking for the tip? If you go to the completed order it should show up. An order with a tip will look like this.


If buyer tip you, it will appear on your completed order page and you will get a notification also. Did you checked your order page my friend?

Who pay a tip does tell that he pay you a tip. your order page updated automatically. if your page doesn’t show a tip it means he is lying.

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Tip by word of mouth

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the order page isn’t show any tip.

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the order page have not shows any tip

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May be he didn’t give you a tip.

When someone tips you, Fiverr sends a unique, separate notification for it - which unlike other notifs disappears after a short time.

  • If you didn’t get a notification on the desktop message section or from the Fiverr app saying, “*** left you a tip!”, you never got a tip then.
  • If it shows no tip in the completed order’s page, or in a separate field along with the order in the earnings page (Fiverr sometimes splits them), then you didn’t get a tip either.

Tips are only shown in the order summary in their own section, or in the earnings page by themselves.

I also think so. what can i do now? i told you that show his screenshot but he won’t