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Tip Jar For Advice

Something bizarre has happened to the type of customers coming my way since Christmas.

Before Christmas it was established businesses and normal enterprises. Since Christmas it is nothing but crypto trading gurus, snake oil product companies etc. I am turning away so much business because I can’t in good conscience work on these types of gigs that will mislead a customer somewhere down the line.

Instead a large part of what I am doing is giving high quality free advice, just to stop them from ordering an inappropriate gig for them and I’m getting zero benefit out of this.

In that time I’ve been promoted to level 2 - I’m not too cheap, maybe got a little fussier as I have other projects on, but how good would it be to have a non gig tip jar.

So if you give someone great advice which they respect, there is an easy, no hassle way of getting some reward for it.

Rather than the clunky - let me make a gig for you to tip me.

Does anyone else find themselves becoming a free advice service on here?

Tip jar outside of gigs on the profile? Yay or nay?


You can’t have that. The sellers that you see with those GIGs are older, when Fiverr did not have tips option.

You can’t create tip gig.

I created online assistant and “any work” gig and those can accommodate what you need.


Though I think he’s asking for a function/option rather than to create a gig for it. I think there should be some function where you could give a tip for advice eg. through the inbox if something has been helpful enough, without the service charge which I think you need to pay even when you’re paying with Fiverr balance.

I think you should be able to tip less than $5 for advice in the inbox. eg. if someone gives one or a few helpful messages but they might think $5 (or $7 with the service charge) is too much. eg. just tip $0.10 or $0.50 or maybe a dollar or 2 through an inbox option.


The only free advice I give is here…on the Fiverr Forum.

That’s because I know other Buyers and Sellers here may learn from some of my experience.

My Fiverr account is for work only.

No freebies.


You didn’t get it.

It was about people who you end up giving free advice to, being able to voluntarily without asking you, tip you for answering a question that you didn’t have to.



Exactly that. Particularly in my field which is SEO. People are often about to order the wrong gig as most are clueless about SEO, not helped by the lack of quality operators on Fiverr.

If I can help them in a big way and it takes me two minutes, I generally just tell them what they need to know. But I get nothing from it. The reason why I end up doing that is because I’m afraid they order the wrong gig and then I have to ask them to cancel, and that hurts my rankings.

So I have to dole out free advice to preserve my ranking.

Tip jar would be nice. Or alternatively, allow us to reject an order without penalty.


Yes, but if you read forum in last 5-7 years this is constant suggestion by someone random and it is just not going to stick. Fiverr is not going to allow that you use his platform to offer Free advices that you will get 1$ for and they do not get anything.

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They could get a percentage of what is given but not the $2 or whatever service charge. And it could be made easier than giving current payments. eg. it could all be with Fiverr credits/micropayments like a one or 2 click thing to just give around a dollar (or whatever). The first time might be more to click to get a certain amount of money from your payment provider if you’re not using Fiverr balance, but after that you could easily give small payments through that balance.

Currently Fiverr and the sellers aren’t making anything from this - it could in theory increase earnings for both, as long as the buyers didn’t use this instead of ordering gigs that cost more. They could at least do a trial of a feature like this and if it helps then increase it to more/all sellers.


Goodness me, this is hard work - why do you add additional opinions that no one has said here?

At no time


…did I suggest Fiverr should get nothing.

I am a firm believer that Fiverr should be rewarded at all times.

We clear?

If it wasn’t for Fiverr I would not have the opportunity to converse with such illuminating alumni on this forum.

If Fiverr had a tip jar they would earn more money.

Finally, before you pop off, please stop taking me out of context and suggesting something sinister.

It’s rude.

Akm, what???

I was not talking about you or your messages or post, I was replying to uk1000 post.
Maybe the icon is not showing on your end in the upper right corner of the post image

I was replying to his 1$ in inbox message.

Most of the forum users that are here every day are just that, doing just that all day.

And also before I started selling gigs for money what I did for a year or two was I had GIGs, someone contacts me and I do it for free since I was employed then and did not need extra money and Fiverr was just entertainment.

If you did not have to and you did not ask for money or mention tip why would they tip you. They ask you answer they leave. If you want money for answers then they need to be aware of that infront.

Why would there be a pressure point for buyer to leave tip?

Some cultures have tips and they think it is normal and they do it but most countries do not utilize tips. If the coffee is 3$ the bartender gets 3$, not a penny more. The full price of the coffee is listed and he gets a monthly salary for his work. What is the tip for? Why would he get a tip and not a clerk working in the bank?

This is just a huge cultural difference between countries that have tips as standard and countries that never ever used or have or even recognize the concept of tips. People get a salary for their work.

Also not reading all the posts before replying.

I actually love the tip jar. I’ve used it several times during the holidays as a way of saying Merry Christmas.

If you can’t do a tip jar anymore, then maybe 5r will allow you to do an advice or some generic gig option.