Tip jar


Hey. I just have some kind of an idea. We should have a tip jar on our profile.

There are many artist out there that I reall like their idea and appreciate what they are doing but I don’t want to buy their stuff however I just like to give them something to show how cool they are.

We can have some kind of tip jar where clients or passer bys can tip a quarter or they can select how much in the jar. I think this would be fun and great. People cloud leave an extra tip for good service or some tips because they enjoy their show/what they do.

I know the buyer can just buy an exta gig or we can create a gig for “buy me a coffee” but the jar tips seem fun. What do you think?

And the money could be put into the seller giving out free stuff which can drive more buyers or help them buy a treat for themselves.

What do you think?


Reply to @bachas85: if we were to select the delivery option, does fiverr also take 20% of it as well?


I think buyers should be allowed to tip sellers who do a great job. Like after you rate. Seller, and comment , it should ásk if you want to leave a tip.


I think it’s a good idea.

Oo- glad you asked a second time. I’d like to change my response to…GREAT idea! Glad you mention how you could just create a tip gig, BUT that takes up gig space. Something only a level 2 seller or better can afford.


I like the tip jar idea. Much better than forcing buyers to use gig to tip us.