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Tip Jars - Do you have one?

Hello Fiverr Family,

I was most excited to hear from a buyer today that they wanted to give me a tip and asked how they could do that.

I didn’t have a “tip gig” in place so decided to make one.

I come from New Zealand and the culture here is no tipping so don’t know if I fully understand the whole process as well as some people here on Fiverr who have grown up in countries where tipping is commonplace.

I wonder if you have a moment if you can…

Shed some light on tipping?

Do you have a tip gig?

What has your experience been in giving and/or receiving tips on fiverr?

Does anyone here after delivering their gig to a buyer make any mention of a tip gig? Of course you certainly don’t want to push the idea.

Your thoughts on the above would be most helpful, thank you! =)

Reply to @bestinmarket: Do you find you have delivered the work then they add the gig extra after?

I’ve found this happen to me where I delivered an order, then they order a gig extra afterwards but by this time there is 2 hours left still going on the clock. I had gig extra set to “no additional time”. 3 hours later I saw they had ordered this gig extra after the initial delivery so for one hour it was late.

Normally i would expect people to order gig extras at the beginning and not at the end so this caught me out and made me think I should make all gig extras on all my gigs at least +1 day.

Someone wanted to tip me and asked me to make a tip gig so I did.

Then someone criticized me for having a tip gig. So I removed it.

I have too much pride to have a tip gig. That’s just me.


I have made a Coffee Gig for this purpose more details on: so you get the idea.

Basically when i deliver the order i include the link in message if you are happy why not buy me a cup of coffee for the work i done for you. And 60% people do offer me Cup of Coffee. :slight_smile: I never ask them too much. I just mentioned down in my delivery message once about coffee.

It is very disappointed that fiverr has not implemented such feature so that we do not have to make separate Tip gigs or coffee gigs.

Agree with Wingle.

Fiverr should have implemented this feature ages ago. A simple ‘Leave a tip’ button at the end of a completed order - even if Fiverr where to take $1 in every $5, it would still be worth it.

I have a tip jar - I was asked to put one up by a client and I have no shame in promoting it. Hell, a basic gig is $5 for crying out loud - where can client’s get that kind of deal elsewhere.

When I’ve completed a gig and I’m sending it to my client, I always put:

"P.S.Blown away by this gig?
You can help me continue my work on Fiverr by offering a small tip here:

All tips are gratefully accepted!"
Someone mentioned pride? I guess if this was a site called "Hundrederr", there'd be no need to ask for tips. ;-)


You make a good point. I do over an hour of work for almost nothing. Could I call it something besides tip jar?

Reply to @misscrystal:

I do understand your issue with a ‘tip jar’, it took me a month to finally give in an put one in my gig selection. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought is was essential.

I’m a fulltime designer and I started Fiverr to put a few gigs on from jobs I had done in my ‘other’ design work that I had enjoyed producing for clients.

My main gig is my retro style poster (around 800 gigs in three months) and this started from me doing a retro poster for a private client that I charge $120 for.

Therefore, 800 Fiverr clients have had a similar poster for between $5 and $70 (depending on what gig extras they require) so I have absolutely no shame in asking them for more to pay what is essentially the going rate for such a design.

If buyers want to help you continue to work on Fiverr, they should tip - I don’t think it needs to be called anything else. It’s a tip to enable you to do the work for them agin in the future. You can’t live on beans.



Reply to @misscrystal:

Ha, ha, I’ve just seen your gigs MissCrystal. Casting spells? What an awesome money spinner! Only in America! :wink:



Reply to @artworkking: I like the way you add your tip link as a p.s. etc as you don’t want to push it too hard.

Some of my gigs that require less work may not garner many tips but others that take longer are more worthy of tips. It seems all your gigs are artistic so are more worthy of tips.

I love your knock your teeth out gig - what a crack up :open_mouth:

Actually it is practiced in many countries and in my case it is what I do all the time as a religion. If you think it’s just a money spinner read my feedback. People have gotten lots of help.

I have a tip gig too, I name it

"I will gratefully accept a tip for a job well done for $5"

I also have a “I will get a coffee and a cookie at

Starbucks for me and my best friend who introduced me

to Fiverr for $15” tip too as an extra!

Just a few days ago I got the extra gig, so I took my friend to

Starbucks! :smiley:

Reply to @misscrystal:

Nothing against you, but it’s all BS. You know that. But hey, if people are willing to pay!

Reply to @artworkking: :wink:

Hi all,

I have added it as a GIG EXTRA in my best gig as:

“I will accept this as an appreciation of my work” :wink:

many buyers do select that Extra without me asking for it.

And yeah, it really motivates me more and more… :slight_smile:

I really think we should have a Fiverr tip jar, eventually (as I proposed in the suggestions before) with the possibility to donate your tips directly to a charity.

To make a “Tip” gig seems redundant. If someone wants to tip you then they should just purchase another gig and then mark it complete or inform the seller that this is a tip and expect no delivery.

My father always said that a tip was “To Insure Perfect (service)” I guess if that’s the case then maybe tips should go before the gig and not after. :slight_smile:

Reply to @creativeman:

creativeman said: Do you find you have delivered the work then they add the gig extra after?

I haven't noticed that yet. But I think buyer can add gig extra after the order is DELIVERED..
creativeman said: Normally i would expect people to order gig extras at the beginning and not at the end so this caught me out and made me think I should make all gig extras on all my gigs at least +1 day

Buyers usually add extras at the start... but during job if they need extra, I always redirect them to my gig extras.
Yes, that's a good practice to make extras +1 day at least. :)

Reply to @creativeman: I am thinking to make separate Tip GIG.

Interesting views and ideas fellow fiverrs :slight_smile:

The fiverr tip possibility in every gig as some wrote, would be a good option I think.

I do have a jar. But it is still empty. And I don’t feel comfortable to ask for a tip actually. I just… hope the satisfied buyers will notice the jar :smiley:

I have a tip gig, however is almost empty!