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TIP! Mobile is the future. Buy SMS ads!

Hey, Sellers,

If you want to sell more gigs, remember that mobile is where it’s at. Everybody’s using apps now. Apps are all the rage.

Did you know that text messages are read 97% of the time, and most of the time within 2 minutes of receipt? Did you also know that over 97% of all mobile devices can send and receive text messages? More people use mobile messaging than the Internet. That makes it the single most effective advertising medium there is. Hands down.

So, wouldn’t your Fiverr business benefit from text message advertising? Absolutely! Everyone will. If you haven’t tried SMS ads, you’re really missing out on potential business.

We’re one of the only text message ad networks on Fiverr. In fact, we’re actually the only one I’ve seen. Get your message to people via text message. You won’t regret it. Learn more here:

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